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Posted By : BigSis - 7/15/2004 2:21 PM
I have a lil sis with CF and my mom gives her aloe vera and collodial (I dont know how to spelll that) silver.
Does anyone know anything abt these?

Posted By : Citty - 7/16/2004 8:47 PM
Hi. 24 wCF

I have heard of people taking silver suppliments. I take sulfer to help reduce the inflamation in my joints and muscles.

Aloe Vera is a wonderful healing agent and unless your little sister is allergic to it, I think it is a great idea :-)

As for the silver. I can't say either way. As long as your little sister goes to her check ups and all her blood work is good, then it shouldn't be doing her any harm :-) and , as we all hope, doing something to help keep her healthy. :-)

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