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Posted By : Down Under - 10/14/2004 7:05 AM
 We are interested in different treatments from different Countries around the globe. Our first child is Daniel and he is six and our daughter Tahyla is two. They both have DF508 genes and they are pancreatic sufficient and are doing very well, they are doing a bit too well and our specialist is talking about putting them both on a diet. Anyway please feel free to e-mail us on
Grant & Janine

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Posted By : honeygirll01 - 11/17/2004 5:10 AM
is it possible that the doctor can recommend less enxymes so they can still have the benefits but yet loose a bit of weight?

Posted By : LizNOB - 11/22/2004 7:28 PM
I wouldn't put the children on diets.If they get sick they will use what body fat they have. It's always better to have extra weight ,than not enough.

Posted By : laurapancoast78 - 1/8/2005 11:57 AM
exercise should be a part of any therapy routine for a person with cf.  if your kids are not involved in regular recreation, find something to involve them in that will inspire them to stay healthy and fit for a lifetime.  fitness also helps boost immunity, of course, and may turn some of those extra pounds of fat into muscle. 

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