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Posted By : legalgrrl - 11/23/2004 12:03 PM
Hello, new to this forum. Much thanks to all of the people posting answers.
My question: My 12 year old nephew has CF and is doing well, thankfully. Next Spring I would like to take him on 2 short trips (3-4 days) to Ireland as well as to Paris, France. Any insight as to how best to do this would be greatly appreciated.

Posted By : oppie - 9/19/2005 11:58 PM
hello there... names olivia i am 18 with cf.... and once my best friend graduates from high school in june her and i r going to england for about 2 maybe 3 weeks... her boyfriend lives over there... so i am going to bring my please bare with me bc i dont know how to spell any of these names so i much butcher it! acaplla? and just my reg nebs! i dont knwo what ur nephews lung % is but mine is 98% so i think that if u just bring those and maybe do some chest therapy for him by "pounding" on his back and his chest he would be ok..... a few days without the vest i think would be ok!

olivia 18 w.c.f.

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