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Posted By : M.A.D. - 11/30/2004 6:21 PM
I am curious. I have a friend that has Cf and I was wondering what cystic fibrosis is really like. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

Posted By : Destina - 9/29/2005 3:48 PM
hello my name is destinie i am 15 and i have cf i was diognosed wen i was 3 soo i had to deal with it for a long time. it's not fun its really hard to deal with because of peer preasure and tryin to find the right people that will treat you right and i have alot of medicines to do i take 25 pills and treatments combined a day well if u wanna know more my e-mail is

Posted By : oppie - 9/29/2005 11:10 PM
hello there my name is olivia im 18 with c.f. and i was diagnosed when i was 12yrs old. you are born with c.f. but wether or not you are diagnosed at birth or not all depends on the kinds of symptoms you have. like when i was younger i really didnt have any symptoms at all. so thats why they didnt find out till i was 12. bc i had gotten sick and just never had gotten better from it. so i was put in the hospital and test after test they found it. its found by a sweat test. i do not take as many pills as destina. i do take enzymes for my stomache bc i have a harder time digesting food.i always do 2 treatments a day 30mins aday. im sure if your friend has it, she also has to do that? i dont know all about peer pressure b/c if someone asks me to smoke or what not . even before i foudn out about my c.f. i was very strong about not smoking or doing drugs... bc honestly they are just stupid. but what i found out. is teenagers are very mean. i had so many friends... but once they foudn out about c.f. no one wanted to deal with it... or accepted, but i did find out my true friends who r still with me today. if you would liek tot alk more please feel free to email me at

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