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Posted By : Sceany - 1/4/2011 1:00 PM

I underwent a Lobar lung transplantation in the previous months of 2010. Everything was fine, and I never underwent 'many' issues with organ rejection. My quality of life and life expentency was indeed increaded drastically since the operation, so I really haven't had much problems sicne my discharging of the hospital.

I know anti-rejection medications also cause the body to become immune depressed, and I have noticed that through catching an awful lot of cold and flu. In the month of november I intracted a lung infection, and it took over 21 one days of intorvenous antibiotics to cure. Now entering the new year, I've once again entracted another lung infection. I am on IV antiobiotics once again now 3 times daily accompionied by oral antibiotics as well. This infection has really taken a damper on me. Chest pains, and trouble breathing, along with excessive sleepyness. Also, I've never, and still do not snore, but I wake up extremly tired, with a bad headach, and at times a bluish-tone of the lips. That has me a little worried, seeing I don't think the infection may be causing it, due to the blueness not appearing while I'm awake. After going through such a long spirt of good lung health, I'm begining to worry it will start to decline again by the way I'm feeling.

Also, The transplant took place over 7 months ago, and obviously the wounds have been healed by now. But my scar is VERY sensitive to touch, and I have rib pain at times.

Has anyone else have any similar expirences? Are these issues normal and should be expected? I don't compleatly trust my doctors, and I would like to hear some other stories to ease my worry.

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