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Posted By : mommakitty1966 - 4/24/2011 12:35 AM
My 35 year-old sister is married w/ 3 kids. She is a CF survivor that had "Swine Flu" Nov. 2010.   She has been on round-the-clock oxygen since this time, and will be for life. A few months after hospitalization for "Swine Flu", she began having petit-mal seizures. They have increased from 1 or 2 per month- to 7 in one afternoon. She was rushed to hospital where she was told that she'd have to be hospitalized for 5 days WITH ADULT FAMILY MEMBER 24/7. This is impossible as her husband works, kids too young, & resides in different county than rest of extended family. Anyone know anything about Adult CF patient w/ onset of seizures please reply or direct me to resource(s) that might "clear the air". 

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