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Posted By : Gemsi - 7/25/2011 1:01 PM
Having just spent another 2 delightful (it really would be if we could cut out the doctors and drugs) weeks in hospital, thought I'd make a list of things that get me through smiling (almost anyway).
1. Have a pamper session! This is the first time I've ever had one, my mum and sister decided to come up with goodies and give me a make-over. This included curling my hair, foot massages, makeup. They brought me a pretty summer dress. They also bought lots of cream cakes and a lovely prawn salad with fresh bread. We watched a DVD and played on the Wii for a bit.
2. If you can have electricals hooked up to your TV, then get a Wii (our ward have one in each room, but the ward is only a year old, and it was begged for lol.) Not only is  it fun, gives you some exercise without you realising you are doing it, if you can get nurses to join in it's even better. It gives you competition, a chance to socialise a bit with the nurses building trust and confidence in them. It gets everyone talkign for days lol. It also gives nurses a chance to exercise when otherwise they might not get much chance to.
3. Jigsaws, I love them! They can really help you pass the time, and you don't realise the hours slipping by (missed tv shows on more than one accasion becasue of this lol.) You can get jigsaw boards meaning they can be put away and got out later if you don't have much space in your room.
4. Your own pillow. Especially in this weather! The pillow they provide have the plastic coating and even if you have a cotton pillow case over the top you still end up sweating like crazy. I take my memory foam pillows and a couple of pillow cases so I can change every few days. Can also brighten up the bed and room and make it feel less hospitally.
5. Cheese and crackers. If you have a fridge in your room you can store cheese in there. It makes a lovely snack. Also if you have a fridge then fresh fruit. Sometimes if you wake up in a morning and it's been really warm over night, a nice cold pear or plum or grapes or melon can make you feel a lot fresher. A bit of fruit can also help with tummy trouble which can be a common occurance when on IV's.
6. Days out- if your ward allows it, just popping out for a couple of hours, just for a drive or better a shopping trip, can be fantastic. After week 1 of IV's I start walking the perimeter of the hospital or going to the local shopping centre. At my old hospital there used to be a park across the road which was fantastic to quietly walk round and just take things in. I always make sure I'm wearing a clear written wrist label and the ward have my mobile number if they're missing me.
7. Crafts. Sometimes I take models to paint, other times face paints. I like the facepaints most, I can paint designs up my arm. Not only is it great practice (I'm a face painter for a charity) with the bright colours it really cheers me up. Can spend hours painting, washing and painting again on my arms and occasionally my face. I also take crochet, I like my crafts, they keep me occupied and entertained. Soem people also take materials to make cards and things.
These are just a few things I like to do to fend of depression when in hospital. We also have desktop computers in our rooms, so I take my external hard drive with games installed on it to play. Though, I'm sure not many people have this luxury. :)
Hope everyone is well
Gem xx
Hey, I'm Gem with CF, age 25 and diagnosed at 2 years old. I'm from the UK and say weird things sometimes. I'm no expert but I've lived through a lot of CF stuff.
Diagnosed with: Cystic Fibrosis, Asthma, ABPA, Clinical Depression, Mild Liver Cirrohsis, Mild Osteopenia, Erythema Nodosum. Waiting for final diagnosis on Muscular Dystrophy type thing.

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Posted By : Lanie G - 7/25/2011 6:18 PM
Hey there, Gem!  What a great post!  How are you feeling?  I hope you're doing better after the hospital stay.
smurf    Lanie

Posted By : Gemsi - 7/26/2011 12:03 PM
Hey Lanie,

Thanks muchly. I have spent today trying to find a new rountine for myself again. In hospital I wake up early so I can have my IV's and get dressed and washed ready for the doctors and physios doing their rounds. When my alarm woke me at 8am this morning as I forgot to turn it off is was very nice to roll over and turn it off and sleep til 11am!! That pushed back my dinner a bit which is a good thing. When in hospital dinner times are strictly 12pm and 5pm. Because dinner is so early then I end up snacking later on on a ham and cheese toastie or tomato soup. Whil for normal people with CF this is a good thing, for me, after been told off again for gaining weight (I almost wish they were begging me to gain it again) then it's not really good for me to be having this, but I can't sleep on a rumbly tummy either. Also my belly is groaning at me for pudding and custard, it's not happy that it's only got to eat salad today and not stodgy hospital meals.

It'll take a few days, but I'll find some routine again, I'm sure.

Otherwise, slightly concerened I'm still coughing, and my lung function maxed at 87% rather than jumping back into the 90's. Trying not to think about it, I'm sure my holiday in August will do me a world of good like it did last year. :)

Tbh a lot of this is anxiety. My depression really takes a dive when on IV's, and it takes about a week to normalise properly. Thinking of the good things I've done in hospital helps though. cool
Hope you're ok Lanie :-)

Big hugs

Gems xx

Posted By : Lanie G - 7/26/2011 1:14 PM
Well, you know, while I'm sure the hospital stay is necessary, it must wear you down a bit, not just physically but mentally.  But I admire your positive attitude!  How about the weather there?  Does that affect you a lot?  We're been having awfully hot weather in most of the country and some places have a drought on top of that; then there are floods in other parts.  It's really strange and the humidity saps the strength, along with the heat.  Can't wait for fall!  Take care and stay well.  :-)

Posted By : Gemsi - 7/27/2011 2:30 AM
The weather effects me a little, cold weather more so. The only problem with heat is usually the hayfever lol. I make sure I drink plenty of isotonic drinks and have salt tablets when it's really hot, so it's rare I feel heat exhaustion. Sun really cheers me up too, it usually means I can go out and do fun stuff. :)

The weather here at the minute though is miserable. We had one gorgeous day on Sunday, which was handy as I went out face painting, all our paints melted but as we were outside it was a really nice day. I was glad to get back to the hospital and have the fan on, but hated it once it started getting colder. The rest of the last few weeks have been really dull, with a constant cloud overhead. I think we have already had our summer in April, leaves are already falling off trees. April/May was really hot, shorts weather. Maybe it'll brighten up again, but the seasons are really screwed up over here.

I think positive attitude wise, I'm always trying to find one. I'm on a very no nonsense argument with myself at the minute. It's mostly working well, though there are still days I'll curl up in a ball and do nothing. Just keep pushing the thought into my brain that tomorrow is another day.

Gem x
Hey, I'm Gem with CF, age 25 and diagnosed at 2 years old. I'm from the UK and say weird things sometimes. I'm no expert but I've lived through a lot of CF stuff.
Diagnosed with: Cystic Fibrosis, Asthma, ABPA, Clinical Depression, Mild Liver Cirrohsis, Mild Osteopenia, Erythema Nodosum. Waiting for final diagnosis on Muscular Dystrophy type thing.

Posted By : Crackles23 - 8/2/2011 4:25 AM
Yes I agree also, I absolutely love hospital environments, in a weird way it makes me feel safe there.
Diagnosis - Ankylosing Spondilitis and (still to come, ill find something :P)
Meds - Celebrex 200mg Once daily - Contains Celecoxib.

Melbourne, Australia

Posted By : opnwhl4 - 11/23/2011 5:01 AM
I agree with the pillow thing. I so hate those plastic covered ones. I spent 4 weeks at Iowa City hospital and they have a library and you can check out books, puzzles, movies, or video games. They didn't have any Wiis, but did have Nintendo 64, Xbox 360 and something else. I unfortunately wasn't in any kind of shape to use these until my last week there.

Thanks for sharing your great ideas to pass the time.

Take c are,
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