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Posted By : Melamie - 8/6/2011 1:22 PM
First I want to say hello and thank you for even reading. It takes time and energy to even reply to anyone. I know you don't owe me any favors. I am just letting this get to me and its a Saturday and I will not have any answers until atleast Tuesday.

In 2008, I went to the ER because I had neck pain. A cervical CT scan without contrast revealed lordisis but then added in the bottom of the report it said- Partial Visualization of posterior fossa without marked findings;lung apices with irregular attenuation likely fibrosis.

Now I just read this and its 2011. Almost four years has past and no doctor ever mentioned it. Infact they didn't even add it to the impression at the end. I have no breathing problems. I am breathing fine right now. I do have constipation issues but i breathe well. I get a cough here and there but like anyone else. I have suffered with bronchio-asthma since i was a kid but i would only get it when i had a cold. Its been a year and half since i got asthma. I did live in a basement for a while and it was old but even then i didn't really have breathing problems, just more sneezing. I did get an MRI of my cervical spine recently and it did not show anything but i read a MRI is not helpful when viewing the lungs. Fibrosis does not run in my family. Anyway, I will look into why that was placed and not even pursued but i want to know from anyone if this is a normal finding and if i am just overacting? I do suffer from anxiety and I am not a fighter. I don't even know if i can beat any illness. I deal with Chiari Malformation as it is. I wish you good health and happiness. Please help me.

Posted By : CFer's Mom - 9/25/2011 5:30 AM
I wouldn't worry a lot about the word Fibrosis it a lone can mean many things, fi·bro·sis   [fahy-broh-sis]
the development in an organ of excess fibrous connective tissue.

You mention you had asthma it could had very well had been some inflammation showing up and that is why the doctor didn't see it important to mention. But with all medical concerns you should ask your Doctor and a simple sweat test should be just what will set your mind to ease.

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