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Posted By : willynilly - 9/13/2011 1:22 PM
Both my husband and myself had the Sweet test done.  Our family doctor said neither of us are the carrier.  Our son is a carrier.  His daughter has also been tested and is a carrier.  Can two parents who tested negative on the sweet test produce a child that is a CF carrier.  Or can we assume that the sweat tests may have been incorrect and we should get the blood test done.  I am caucasion and my husband is of African decendent.  Our family doctor thinks that I am probably the carrier. 

Posted By : Gemsi - 9/18/2011 3:09 AM
This is confusing as there is no way they would know if you were a carrier just from the sweat test. Only people with CF have the heavily altered chloride levels, there is no alteration in carriers. You can have borderline tests even if you don't have CF, or aren't carriers, but not have high enough chloride levels like someone with CF would have.
I would suggest getting a blood test to genetic test your family, this will be the only way to diagnose if any of you are carriers, or god forbid, have CF.
Hope everything turns out to be fine
All the best
Gemma x

Posted By : willynilly - 9/19/2011 3:17 PM
Thank you.  When they were doing the sweat thest, they said this should actully show if either my husband or myself was the carrier.  Interesting.  I will have to contact the CF clinic and and request that they do the blood test as this is what they did for my son and daughter in law. 

Posted By : CFer's Mom - 9/25/2011 5:36 AM
Sweat test to see if you are a carrier ???? I think not only a DNA test will show if you carry the gene. There would be no way your children could have a gene you don't have. Instead of going to the same clinic that ran a insurance test I would go some where else, those test aren't cheap and that one was necessary on the both of you.

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