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Posted By : WoodU - 3/31/2005 2:47 PM
My 4 month old God son is still in the hospital with CF. Now they are talking about surgery. They want to put something in to make sure that his stomach acid doesn't get into his lungs, and they want to insert a gut-tube for night time feeding. If anyone has had to deal with this or has had it done, I would appreciate any information about it. Both pros and cons. They said that they would know whether or not they were going to suggest it by April 1, 2005. Thank You

Posted By : Nay - 3/31/2005 11:16 PM
His doctors are the best to tell pros and cons.
It sounds like they want to do a fundoplication to keep the acid from refluxing into his lungs.
The feeding tube is probably to help him gain weight and absorb nutrients.  Kids with CF need lots more food cause they don't alwasy absorb what they eat.
I hope he does okay.  I know it is terrifying.  Glad you are there to support the family.

Posted By : WoodU - 4/8/2005 2:18 PM
Thank You. Yes it is scary. They have let him go home, but he has a feeding tube in his nose. They want to see how he does over the next month with it in, then a month without it. So they can determine how soon he will need to have the feeding tube surgery. But at least he is home now.

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