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Posted By : ekaytee - 1/11/2013 1:30 PM
Anyone out there over 60 with CF?

Posted By : DontTreadOnMe! - 3/13/2013 9:33 PM
Yes. I am 63. It was a round about way to get there. In 1998, I suddenly became Type 1 Diabetic - and by suddenly, I mean within seconds. This was the destruction of the endocrine system. In 2011, I was hospitalised twice in 3 months with acute pancreatitis - this was the destruction of the exocrine system - I now use Creon 40000 two of every time I eat. The funny thing was my gastro who looked after me asked if I had ever been tested for CF. I laughed, because I hadn't died at the age of 30. Then, last year, after years of really bad liver enzyme results, I had a fibrascan done on the liver. The result was 12 (12.5 is cirrhosis). Six months ago I developed a recurrent cough, which on investigation, turns out to be bilateral basal pulmonary fibrosis, with bronchiectasis, and holes in the upper part of both lungs. I apparently have, as the actively expressing gene, a "minor" mutation which has allowed an earlier diagnosis slip through. As a child I was really skinny, and even at 20 years old, I was 5'11", and weighed in at 8 stone, 6lbs. Mercifully, I have managed to put on weight over the years. I have also had pneumonia every 7 years for my life.
My pancreas is basically non functional, the liver is showing signs of cirrhosis, and I have lost 30% lung capacity. I am still working full time, so I hope you are not allowing this to take over your life.

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