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Posted By : WoodU - 6/7/2005 8:45 AM
Hi, my great nephew was diagnosed with CF about 4 months ago. When we first found out, it was to say the least devastating. Since then he has been in the hospital 3 more times and had surgery to put in a feeding tube. His mother, my neice just graduated from high school last night and I must say, I am not quite so scared anymore. My fears were not those of, he won't be like other kids. My fears were that my neice would not be like other kids. She is only 18 and she is such the trooper. She is doing whatever she has to for him and for herself. I still cringe everytime the phone rings and I see that it is her calling, but I am hoping that changes. I know now that CF doesn't destroy families instantly, but rather brings them together and forces the best to come out. It was not easy to see that at first, but as soon as I quit blaming anyone I could for his condition it was easy to see. Thanks for listening to me.

Posted By : Captain Jack - 6/13/2005 1:24 AM
One of my closest friends, a 16 year old girl with CF, has had her share of normal family issues as much as anyone, but her health has only brought things together. Life, especially hers, is not without hardships, but in times of need her family seems have only grown bigger and stronger. I can imagine there's alot going on for you right now, and I'm really just an outsider anyway, but I know you can't let this get you down. Keeping a positive outlook for your nephew may be the best thing in the world you can do for him.

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