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Posted By : Phillim494 - 9/16/2013 6:10 PM
I am in the final stages of getting qualified to see if I can have a lung transplant or not. I have some concerns about after the transplant and my future and wanted to see if anyone had same concerns or suggestions.
I have a lot of animals and wasn't sure what was allow or not and I was condone red about continuing hunting and fishing and being in the outdoors. My major is wildlife management and for the labs we spend a lot of time outside and working with plants, animals and the environment.

Any info you guys have would be great.

Posted By : Sherrine - 9/20/2013 2:04 PM
Hi, Phillim, and welcome!  The cystic fibrosis forum obviously isn't a very busy one here on HealingWell.  I do not have cystic fibrosis but I sure can understand your concerns.  It looks like you can have your pets.  As far as hunting goes, be sure to talk to your doctor/surgeon about that.  You probably could just wear a mask to help with infection but I think I would be more concerned about the recoil of the rifle.  Just something to think about.
It does look like you need to be careful around birds.  So be mindful of that.
Here are two links that are quite helpful.  One is from Duke University and the other is from the Cleveland Clinic...both outstanding hospitals.  Hope these help you some.  Always ask your doctor/surgeon first.
Best of health to you!
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