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Posted By : Steffi14 - 3/5/2014 12:16 PM

This is my first post, I have desperately been searching for hope that I am not alone.

I am 28 WCF. Kept reasonably well until last year I started have hemoptysis small amounts nothing more than 10ml. I then started to notice a pattern it would happen roughly one off a few days before my cycle. In November I took a chest infection, at the end of IVs more hemoptysis which threw me as it was after treatment etc...short story ended up with having two embos first for regular bleed small amount over 24hours and second for massive bleed a few days later.

Completely heartbroken when i was due my cycle to start in Jan hemoptysis started, small teaspoons randomly which settled. Again this month I'm doing the same.. Anyone else (girls obvo) have this? I have just gone on mini-pill cerazette two weeks ago...

Posted By : kberaun - 7/27/2014 6:51 AM
Did you just have a child. CF gets worse after child bearing.. I have seen it for 30 years. IF not its a normal process with CF unfortunately, eventually.

Posted By : Tayra - 8/10/2014 3:35 PM
Hi! I thought I was alone in this, I always coughed some, usually just coffee-colored, some frank blood during my periods. It got worse as I aged, I haven't had any embos, but I noticed that I had to lay off weight lifting during my flow. Any strain on my chest wall seems to result in bleeds. Mine were worse every second month (mystery?), I think its very much hormone related. I'd suggest bonus spinach or leafy greens, increasing your vitamin K. Also make sure you're not taking any OTC blood thinners.....(asprin). You should bring this up with your CF team as well, they should know and document etc etc. But you're not alone *hugs*

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