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Posted By : valc - 9/27/2005 1:21 AM
Hi there everyone.
my name is valerie. i do not have cf but my "boyfriend" does, he was born with it and will be 22 next week. We are everything a couple are, but he wont fully commit to me, as in we are dont have the title boyfriend and girlfriend. It really bothers me cause weve been going out for two years this month. i love him to death and he loves me too. I know he fears me having to deal with im and  his CF, but i dont see it as dealing with it. I accept it. I help him with everything and im always there for him 100%. He would at first push me away from him. Hes just so very private about everything. He said to me once that the next girl with gets with, is going to be the girl that he will marry. In other words he doesnt want to waste time. I wish he would not see it like that, and let things fall into place instead of tryin to control it. Anyways to get to my question, i wanted to know if anyone with CF feels that same way about pushing people away to not hurt them or fully allowing them "in".
thank you.

Posted By : oppie - 9/27/2005 4:34 AM
hello valerie. olivia here again. i just read your post and i have been dating my boyfriend matt for almost a yr in septemeber. we have been talkin alot about the future lately. and i do have cf. he doesnt. and about 2 weeks ago. i started feeling afraid to commit to him. i know i love him and want to be with him and that he loves me too.but then i just realized. know one knows how long they will be on this earth and i figured as long as i am here why not be with someone who treats you right.i dont really know why your boyfriend has this fear, bc everyone is different. alls i can tell you is to express how you feel to him. and after 2 yrs?hope i helped in some way


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