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Posted By : Gemsi - 6/26/2015 12:35 AM
Its getting to barbeque season!! I'm having my first one tomorrow, first actual proper barbeque too and as such I've probably got a bit excited with my invite hammer so will have 12 hungry people to feed!!

What are your favourite foods at a barbeque? Obviously the meat is kinda key unless you're one of those vegetarian types. Burgers, sausages, pork steaks, chicken and beef I've also got crisps and dips and salad and savoury rice and French bread. A variety of sauces, colslaw and plenty of cheese-cheese slices, cheesey cheese and going to hunt down some blue cheese today.

I have a feeling I'm going to upset people. You know how nowadays you go to a BBQ and everything is low fat and diet pop and you're just sat there like everything tastes of sweeteners and water and yuck. Well I've not done that everything is full calorie and stuff I eat. But then I think a BBQ is about good tasty food, not watching the calorie count, just sitting back chilling and enjoying with friends. :)

Got my creon ready too. In places that's easy for me to spot it but out of reach of the 1year old my friend is bringing so hopefully I'll remember to take them and not get too caught up in the entertaining. I'm a bit nervous as I don't generally like people in my house and didn't consider this when inviting everyone. But it'll be OK I guess its only for one day and its close friends and family who won't judge the fact some of my furniture's wrecked etc. Or that my house isbfar from tidy (although I'm on a mission to change that a bit today.)
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Posted By : mbills2223 - 6/26/2015 7:43 PM
Gotta have baked beans at a barbeque!!! :)

Posted By : Wiley Coyote - 7/13/2015 9:22 AM
oooohhhh its all about the corn on the cob................... :)
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