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Posted By : sabrina1983 - 11/24/2015 1:36 AM

Hope everyone is fine..

I have a situation. My lo is 2 yrs. He's weight 22 lbs. He's cf team advise to gain his weight up to 24lbs. My problem now, he has bowel movements that are frequent. 3x a day. Soft, formed stool. Normal stool not diarrhea I can confirmed. Our cf team advise to gave him 12-13 creon a day which are 2 creon each milk and 3 creon each porridge. He took creon 10000. But, there are no change. He still facing this frequent bowel movement. So far, he is still active, no cough. But the most worrying me is the slow weight gain. His weight is maintained no change since last 6 months. Any advise?
Should I increase his creon?
Should i change his diet? He took creon with applesauce b4 meal.
He has good appetite. But this bowel issue stressed me out.
Help me pls...

confused confused

Posted By : sabrina1983 - 11/25/2015 7:10 PM
no one???

Posted By : Gemsi - 12/1/2015 7:04 PM
Hi Sabrina,

Sorry for not been on, been a bit of a hectic weekend.

I don't know about Creon at that age if I'm honest all you can keep doing is going back to your child's doctor. Creon is a bit of a juggle and can take time to find the correct dose. They can do a fat test which tests the stools to see how much fat is being digested, as a child I had this test once a year to make sure my dose of Creon was still adequate or if it needed adjusting.

For the weight issue, if your child is growing quickly then it could be taking extra energy aswell as babies are usually really energetic at that age so could be burning more calories off. You can try add more into his diet but with his age I would really advice seeing a doctor, or even better a dietician to discuss what can be done to help him gain weight.

Sorry o can't be much help
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Posted By : sabrina1983 - 12/1/2015 10:08 PM
Dear Gemma.

Thank you for your reply.
My dr said myson needs to do stool test.
Yeah, we will doing it by end year...

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