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Posted By : SsjGogo - 1/22/2016 12:36 PM
Hi guys

For the last 4 years I've had a good friend and colleague with CF. She is the most inspiring woman I know, strong, intelligent and hungry for life.

Even though she had to get a lung transplantion at age 29 (she is 31 today).

14 months ago I became a dad to a baby son. Everything was normal at birth and he was a big boy, 4.2 kg (8-9 pounds), pooped well and seemed to gain weight at an amazing rate.

He had a bit of a congestion (stuffed nose) and a bit tummy ache due to him eating and inhaling too much air. No digestive issues.

At 8-9 months, where he started on solids, I noticed a small cough now and then, most of the time it was him playing. He had a runny nose occasionally, but nothing troublesome.

In medio November 2015, weighing 12 kg (26 lbs) he started in daycare - surrounded by 10 kids.

Then hell broke loose. He got a runny nose, cough and then in December he got chicken pox.

Still coughing now with a wet cough, trying to get out muscus. The chicken pox subdued but the cough remained.

In January I noticed Mucus in his stool, and he went 4-5 times a day. After a week we removed dairy from his meals and the mucus seemed to go away.

He now goes up to 2 days, large stools and wet, but no Mucus.

We went to our Doctor (actually a clinic with 3 doctors who all checked him), who listened to his lung but found nothing. Conclusion was a virus.

Three days ago he got a fever, we went up, and even though his lung sounded ok, his blood infection numbers were elevated and the doctor proscribed antibiotics as it could been a small pneumonia (I got a recipe too as mine were also high and I also coughed).

But the cough and the mucus made me Google, and in came CF.

I had previously tasted my sons skin (yes sounds creepy but I was freaked) and it didn't taste salty. This afternoon after he had a high fever and got medicin for it, he went a sleep and woke up drenched in sweat. He "broke" the fever.

His head, near the headline, now did taste salty. Rest of him didn't. I freaked.

My doc thinks there is no chance he has CF, as he is 12.8 kg (28 lbs) and 84 cm high, and started walking at 12 months, and never previously showed serious respiratory or digestive issues and has thrived well.

Nobody else in our family has been diagnosed with CF.

But being a hypochondriac - I'm scared - and have contacted a private hospital as well for a DNA test of me, to see if I'm a carrier.

What are your opinions? Any comments are welcome.

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