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Posted By : michcalgirl - 3/7/2004 4:05 PM
I am 32 years old and found out m step son has CF. I have been researching this disease. I am VERY concerned because my husband and I have a 2 year daughter. He is a CF carrier. I don't know if I am. They need to make every pregnant women take this test. I have to get tested this week to see if I am carrier. If I am not she is in the clear. Pray for her.

Posted By : motheroftwo - 3/19/2004 9:06 PM
     I know what you are feeling.  My husband and I went through testing, as did our two daughters six years ago.  All three of them were considered carriers and I had no mutations.  This year, after years of mild, yet frequent illnesses, another test was conducted.  Since the science is so much better, both girls showed two mutations.  My new test of course showed stuff that the first test had not picked up.  My suggestion is that if you are not being tested by having your entire CFTR gene mapped, the test is not good enough.  Contact Ambry Genetics at 1-866-AMBRYBE(N) to find out how to be tested.  Our doctor sent our blood by FedEx to California for our test.  The process takes about 1 month.  Good luck and may God bless your family.   

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