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Posted By : Myself 09 - 8/30/2017 8:37 AM
It always used to be the best time of the year--the start of the new school year. New classes, new syllabi, new lessons, new assignments,and all the hopes and dreams that go with that fresh beginning. Auditioning for the fall show. Meeting the freshmen and getting excited about their potential. Being proud of the seniors who are getting to fly off to life. I do not know if this feeling will ever leave me. No new school years for me.

Today I was teaching my English classes with one of my regular students--and we were learning the words for the plant life cycle. I got one of my red peppers and used it to talk about seed to flower to fruit to seed. I was so happy when I finished, and then the realization that my teaching moments are of the small and fleeting variety now.

But at least I still have them, however mini they may be.

Posted By : getting by - 8/30/2017 8:54 AM
Hi Myself,

Right now, try to look at the little things. When the big ones don't seem to be there. Have you checked your vitamin D3 lately? The days are getting shorter.

Take a bike ride, do something you love... I know it is hard. But you never know what is right around the corner. I wish you the best... You are good people...

Hugs, Karen...

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Posted By : BnotAfraid - 8/30/2017 1:48 PM

I guess it must be hard to do the same thing year in and year out with not much variety.

How about trying to focus on the kids, do any of them get the "the dots are connecting" look? Then bring them into the lesson?

Just a thought.

You are a warrior! Stay strong
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Posted By : theHTreturns... - 8/31/2017 3:19 AM
many healing thoughts my friend.

Posted By : pitmom - 8/31/2017 6:10 AM
Myself, you're making me think, perhaps too much! Not being a teacher, there have been 'no new school years for me' for a much longer time! As I reflect on it, I realize I too miss the excitement. No new wardrobe, no new pens and pencils, etc. But...why not? Perhaps it's time I buy a few new clothing items. Perhaps I buy myself new pens and a notebook. Perhaps I get in touch with friends I haven't been in contact with for a while. It seems right to me, thanks to you.

My 'down this time of year' has a different cause. Change of season, dreading another winter. My 'battle plan' consists of planning my holiday displays and then implementing the plans, one after another. I'll be ordering mums soon to go along with my planted ones. I've started picking up little things for the Halloween decorating and mentally figuring out where the Christmas decorations will be this year.

Indoor gardening, of course, is my mainstay. I'll be bringing the houseplants in soon, at least overnight. (After the painting is done!) Planning for next year keeps me busy through winter, as well as feeding the birds that stay throughout the cold.

I guess, what I'm trying to say's time to give yourself something else good to associate this time of year with and not put it off. Looking forward to something is so important for my mental health. Hope is very powerful.
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