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Posted By : Draegon - 7/7/2017 4:36 PM
I use this site for advice on my panic disorder and have received so much helpful advice and support so now I'm here for advice for my dad. My dad is 43 years old and was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago. He recently became a dry alcoholic and he's dropped from 200 to 160 pounds in about seven months. The doctors are concerned with his weight loss and don't know what's going on. His blood sugar is at a steady rate of about 300-400. He lives alone and does hard labor every day and doesn't eat. I need help. I can't see my father wither away right before my eyes and I want to help. Please lend me some advice and some good thoughts. X

Posted By : Lanie G - 7/7/2017 6:09 PM
Draegon, welcome to the Diabetes Forum! Your father is lucky to have you concerned about him. First, it's difficult to know what's going on without a thorough medical exam which must include blood tests. Of course, having blood sugar in that range of 300/400 is too high and it would be diagnosed as diabetes. But you say the doctors don't know why he's losing weight yet they know his blood sugar is critically high? I think he needs another doctor! He needs a doctor who understands diabetes.

You dad needs blood tests to determine if he has become type 1. The reason I'm thinking this is that you say he's losing weight. The other thing is that you say he's not eating. Why isn't he eating? Everyone needs to eat and if he's doing hard labor everyday, he needs energy. He must be eating something.

So, my advice is your father needs several blood tests. He needs to eat regularly and he needs nutritious food. He should be eating some meat/chicken/fish and lots of vegetables and salads and should absolutely cut down own bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, corn and any food made with flour or sugar.

Please click on the link in my signature which goes to a site which will give you a lot of information about blood sugar and diabetes.

I'm glad you want to help your father and you can start by making sure he's eating correctly. Please post any questions you have.

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