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Posted By : GenM - 7/20/2017 9:04 AM
Topical steroids to are absorbed thru the mucus membrane or open sores. Both of which I have/ had on my vigina. Especially when the skin is thin from lack of estrogen. Something I can not have. So I did menopause with out an medical help.

I do agree with you about the balance of meds to carbs. The reality of me is that I can't afford to skip carbs. And periodically I have to limit some foods with vitamin k because I am on blood thinners. So if I take out lots of vegies whats left.

I also agree with you an another dr.There is an 8 week wait for the endo dr.

I dont think I got this way from eating too much carbs. I do think I allowed my eating habits to get out of hand with moving to a new state, new job and different life. I went from a purely physical job to sitting at a desk. But the other job was puting my life at risk. I am not eating the carbs for pleasure... I am eating them because when I have gone ultra low carb without meds I experince severe lows. All natural foods have nutritional value and the fiber for one helps me keep my chrons in remission. If my meal has 60 grams of carbs then 15 grams of them are fiber.

Maybe I am just feeling sorry for myself because I was just starting to enjoy life again.Now I am at a loss of what to do since all that has changed. When I am clear headed as I am now I can see mistakes with my eating such as eating one of my starches with the wrong meal. I am currently trying to put lunch/ dinner and snacks together while at work. I also didn't expect to feel worse since I didn't really feel bad untill this diagnosis..

I get what you are saying works for you but going ultra low carb is not the answer for me.

Posted By : Lanie G - 7/20/2017 12:48 PM
I hope you do find a doctor/endo that will work with you to get the meds and blood sugar under control.

I'm positive this problem with blood sugar is not because of eating to many carbs. Unless diabetes is caused by long-term steroid use, type 2 normally evolves because of heredity. So, you might say a person can be pre-disposed to type 2 considering family history. And if that person (like me) is not aware of this relationship when they are younger and doesn't understand how our metabolism works (or doesn't work), then it's easy to gain weight and enter a cycle of high blood sugar, weight gain/loss, high blood sugar. That's what happened with me until I learned how I could break the cycle.

Good luck and I hope you can change doctors. Even being on a waiting list for an endo is fine as long as you can see one!

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