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Posted By : Oldbuddy - 8/14/2017 9:46 PM
Are You Insulin Resistant?

You show no insulin resistance if your Blood Code reveals:

Fasting glucose is between 75–95 mg/dL (4.2–5.3 mmol/L).
TG:HDL ratio is near 1.0, +/- 0.5.
Fasting insulin is between 3–8 uIU/mL (18–48 pmol/L).
HgbA1C level is less than 5.6% (<37 mmol/mol).
Glucose/insulin as HOMA-IR is near 1 (.5–1.5).
Your total body fat is <28% for men and <32% for women.

Posted By : theHTreturns... - 8/14/2017 11:20 PM
i agree with fasting glucose numbers, hba1c; the rest??? other factors of patient history and dx must be recognised. ie, co-morbidity- metabolism disorders and the like. your numbers are basic determinant parameters, or seem like this, however we are all are different this needs to be highlighted.

Posted By : Lanie G - 8/15/2017 5:37 AM
I'm only familiar with the fasting, H1c, and the HDL ratio. I'm guessing the body fat measure is the BMI? I don't think doctors order measures for insulin or insulin production for average patients. I've never had a test for that.

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