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Posted By : kelly71 - 7/16/2008 10:15 AM
Last night, I had a really weird and scary thing happen to me that has never happened before.  I was IMing with my friend, when all of a sudden I couldn't see the screen clearly.  It was like I had been staring at a bright light and then when I tried to read what my friend had written, I got all these "bright spots" blocking the words.  This went on for at least 30 minutes before I finally just gave up and told her that I needed to go.  Also, I had a really bad pain over my right eye.
I suppose it could have just been a migraine, but my head still hurts this AM-the spots are better, though.  Anyway, this new symptom kind of freaked me out, because I've never felt like this before.  I know I could probably go in and see the Urgent care doc (who is connected to my GP's office), but do I really want to spend another $20 so they can say, "I don't know and BTW, you aren't getting any narcotics."  LOL-one time I went in with severe pain and before I could tell them my history AND the fact that I already had Vicodin, they said, "We don't prescribe narcotics here."  Anyway, I'm rambling-at least my new symptoms haven't changed that.  LOL :-)
I guess my questions are, does this sound familiar to anyone?  about a month ago, I was put on Neurontin (a really low dose), but that's the only med that is new.  Could it be the meds?  FYI-I am still in lupus limbo, so neuro issues aren't exactly new to me.  But, this one freaked me out.
So, any comments, questions, or snide remarks?  Seriously, any help would be greatly appreciated. yeah

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Posted By : GamJill - 7/16/2008 10:31 AM
Hi Kelly-
Just before I got hit hard from the fibro, I had a similar experience. I got home from work and I had a headache on the front, right side of my head. I got on the computer to just putz around and stay awake till bedtime. When I was looking at the screen I started to see a bright spot out of my left eye and it kept getting bigger and bigger. I thought, what the heck is going on!? It scared me as I have never had that happen before. I called my boyfriend and told him to come over. By the time he got here it was gone. Mine lasted for about 10-15 minutes. I thought maybe a stroke but I was not having any numbness or weakness in any extremities. I did call the Dr. the next day and was referred to a neurologist because I had never had a migraine in my life. The MRI came back normal. My neurologist called it a "migraine episode" and it has not happened again. I would put a call into the Dr's nurse at least and see if he wants to see you. Sounds like a migraine to me. GamJill

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Posted By : kelly71 - 7/16/2008 1:08 PM
Thanks for the input.  Your story about what happened to you is almost exactly what happened to me.  Like you, I have never had a migraine.  I've had really bad headaches, but they were nothing like what happened to me last PM.  I did take some Ibuprofen for it (on top of the Neurontin and Vicodin I am supposed to take at night), but it really didn't help much.  I did feel better when I laid down and closed my eyes.  Yeah, I'm thinking it was a migraine, too.  But, I still have the pain over my right eye and I sort of feel like I'm hungover-the headache and a little nausea, too.
Anyway, I appreciate your help.  It really does mean a lot when people take the time to listen to you! yeah

FINALLY dx'd on 06/13/08
Vicodin, Neurontin, Ibuprofen for pain-which doesn't help, BTW
Zoloft & methadone (NOT for pain) for sanity-which doesn't help, BTW
Klonopin for anxiety (Guess what?  Doesn't help!)
"I'll take the Chivas instead"
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Posted By : entee - 7/16/2008 1:26 PM
I'm certainly no expert, but I've had migraines most of my life and the symptoms you describe sound like a migraine. I agree that you should probably be checked out by a dr., though, just to be sure. The "hungover" feeling is also pretty normal after a bad migraine - I've had a lot of those, too.

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Posted By : Marlee2 - 7/16/2008 2:29 PM
Kelly, you always want to get something like that checked out but I have had episodes of vision problems for a long time which I thought was from anxiety since they started long before fibro. It was always my left eye that went blurry. I have had MRIs done in the past and nothing ever showed up. No one could ever tell me what it was. I guess it could be some sort of migraine. I haven't had it happen in awhile but the anxiety is better controlled now.
Who knows with our bodies. eyes
luv and hugs

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Posted By : Sherrine - 7/16/2008 4:58 PM
Kelly, I've had painless migraines.  It was scary because I had the "lightening flashes" in my eyes but no headache.  I saw my doctor and he said that's what it was.  He told me to lie down and close my eyes and rest.  That helped and I see that helped you too.

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Posted By : ErinAnn - 7/17/2008 9:57 AM
that does sound like a migraine to me as well. I also just experienced my first "painless migraine" just a few days ago. I went up to the ER because it really freaked me out. I never realized that could happen. The doctors at the ER really didnt know what the heck I was talking about so they just gave me some fluid, something for nausea and something for pain even though I wasnt having any migraine pain and the stuff they gave me never works when I do have migraine pain. At that point I really just wanted to go home. I just wanted to go to the ER to make sure I wasnt having a stroke because usually Ill only have the aura for like 20 mins at the most, and then i get the pain...but this time the aura lasted for hours.

Yours Truly,

Erin Ann

Posted By : QTKaren - 7/18/2008 11:52 AM
Hiya Kelly tongue
OK now let me tell you how where I am in this.   I was getting the strangest thing about a year ago when I was tired specially.  In my right eye way over to the side I got this large shimmering object.  It was like if you were out on a lake when the sun was shining right on the water and when the water rippled it gave off this shimmer,I described it to my eye doctor as a lake effect.  At first I thought omg with me being diabetic and my numbers had been so high that I was losing my sight but the doc said it was painless migraine.   Cept for me it wasnt totally painless as what happens is the lake effect comes on and then within 1-2 hours I get a horrible migraine so with me the pain is just delayed.  But he said that seeing bright spots or shimmer is common in migraines and that usually brings no pain but can bring nausea and dizzyness.  He did tell me though that its very important to have your eyes checked out preferably at an opthomologists office so they can get a good look.  And you thought it was flashbacks from all those wild child days ohhhhhhh whats that do I hear Nirvana playing in the background? lol seriosly though get checked and feel better =)
Soft Hug's,

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Posted By : getting by - 7/18/2008 1:11 PM
I have the same thing, migraines without headaches. But have the visual problems, though I must add that the last one I had did have the headache too. It was horrible.

I get patterns flashing in my eyes. They start on one side of periferal vision and then work their way across to the other side. It usually takes 20 - 30 minutes before they pass. Then my head feels weird and I am a bit nauseaus.

The patterns remind me of carnival lights. Really colorful. And they dont' go away when you shut your eyes either. I just have to ride it out. I got them alot when I was wood burning. So it could have been from the eye strain or maybe the smoke. But I was under a little stress trying to get them done so that could have been it too.

Wonder if mine are the same as yours??? Sounds similar.

hugs, Karen

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Posted By : kelly71 - 7/18/2008 3:29 PM
Thanks everyone for your input.  It really does help a lot.  Actually, I'm going through another "migraine" right now.  The bright spots started about 4 hours ago, and only lasted a short time.  But, my head is killing me and I'm really nauseated again.  I took some Excedrin migraine-but that really hasn't helped.  I know if it gets bad enough, I should go to either Urgent Care or the ER.  Oh, BTW QTK, I had my eyes checked in April-and they even took special Xrays of my eyes-and everything was "all clear."  Also, I really don't think I'm having a Nirvana flashback, but thanks for the laugh. :-)
Anyway, I really hope that these headaches don't become a regular thing.  I deal with enough pain everyday-I don't know if I can deal with this. sad

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Posted By : getting by - 7/18/2008 3:42 PM
I hope that you get something for your migraines soon. I think that there are preventative medications for them. Not sure.

I know that feeling when you start to get one, it is like"no, not this again". I hope that you get relief soon.

luv and hugs, karen

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Posted By : Chutz - 7/18/2008 3:54 PM
Also, when at your doc's...get your blood sugars checked out. When mine to very low there is this bright white spot in front of my face like staring into the sun. Impossible to focus or see anything. Hard to read my glucose meter or even do a test. Just another thought...


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