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Posted By : MEG25801 - 7/17/2008 3:35 PM
I had my appointment with my GP today and showed him my list of symptoms and the check off list.  I told him whether it was fibro or something else that I was 37 years old and should not feel this dang tired all the time and hurt all the time.  He said well I will be honest with you I don't know anything about fibro so I am going to send you to a rheumetologist. :-)   I had asked the nurse before the doctor came in if the doc believed in fibro.  She said well I don't know about him but I sure don't.  It pissed me off so bad. mad   I asked the doctor and he said that he felt it was a catch all, when nothing else could be found.  But either way, maybe I will get somewhere with the other doc.
My question is, what all is involved in the first visit with the rheumotologist?  I have severe white coat syndrome and I am a little scared.  Will I have to get MRI and a Cat Scan?  Those 2 things petrify me. 
Oh and I am new here.  I have posted one other time just asking if you all thought this was fibro.

Posted By : Sera Smiles - 7/17/2008 3:42 PM
Hi and welcome! Your question is a good one. Your doc and his nurse need to be spanked [especially the nurse! I would report her butt] At the rheumy you will be asked lots of questions- ntake your list of symptoms with you for sure. He will also poke a bit gently, check for swelling in fingers, ankles, also look for signs of weakness in joints. These are notmal things to do and they give the doc lots of informationl re: inflamation and joint pain. No major tests at this visit, totally safe and secuire. Their job is to look for arthritis, inflamation, causes of pain and fatigue. In my experience, getting to a rheumy this quick is awesome. Good for you! If you get frustrated if they don' totally validate your situation, just remember this: they have the MD titles, but you know more about your body and what you are going through. If you are uncomfortable talking, take your lists with you. Theyspeak volumes. Good luck and keep up posted!

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