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Posted By : entee - 7/18/2008 3:32 PM
Hi everyone,
     When I was first dx'd with fibromyalgia a couple of months ago, my dr. prescribed Elavil 10 mg.  He said I could start out taking 1 tablet at night and then begin to increase the dosage to 5 tablets a night.  I am now up to 4 per night and I haven't really noticed much difference in my symptoms so I called the dr. today and asked how I would know whether I was taking enough.  Instead of answering that question, his nurse called me back and just said that I should increase my dose to 100 mg. per night.  That sounds like SO MUCH to me - it would mean I'd be taking 10 of the tablets at a time.  Is that a normal amount for those of you that take it?  Are there any side effects that you've had that I should watch out for?  I'd appreciate your input because I'm nervous about taking so much.  The nurse did say that the dr. would call in a new RX for me for 25 mg. tabs so that I wouldn't have to take so many pills at a time, but I'm still wondering if that's too much. 
     Thanks!!  Nancy  confused

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Posted By : getting by - 7/18/2008 3:39 PM
I don't personally take elavil myself, but I have heard of people taking that much. As a matter of fact, my dog is suppose to take 100mg tablets, though I only give her half. I just felt it was too much. I know that there are others taking this med, so I am sure that you will get more replies.

sorry that I couldn't help you more.

Hugs, Karen

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Posted By : alicat72 - 7/18/2008 11:06 PM
my doctor had me go up to 50 mgs. per night....i have heard of some folks going up to 100 mgs.... it just stops working eventually.....

Posted By : Lindaloo - 7/19/2008 12:49 AM
When I took Elavil years ago, I took 125 mg for depression. The side effects I felt were excessive perspiration, dry mouth and rapid heart rate. It worked great though, for years. I stayed on it even with the side effects because it worked so well on my depression.

I am a retired nurse, and no, that is not too much Elavil to take.
Hope that helps!


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Posted By : Marlee2 - 7/19/2008 7:07 AM
Entee, I've been on 100 mg a night for 10 yrs. I started taking it for anxiety before ever getting fibro. Dry mouth, sweet cravings and weight gain are side affects but I haven't gained any weight on it.
I tried cutting back on it in May and ended up in the worse flare ever. Don't know if it was just a coincidence or not. My pain level has gone up over the years but not to the degree some have pain. I can get by with 4000 mg tylenol most days.
luv and hugs

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Posted By : entee - 7/19/2008 9:37 AM
Thanks for the good input! I took ten 10mg. tabs last night (which BTW felt kind of scary - that was quite a handful of pills!) and no sleeping pill and I slept quite a bit better. I think I only woke up once and I didn't have any weird dreams. My dr. is giving me a new RX for 25 mg. tabs so that I won't have to take so many at a time from now on. I think the side effect that I'm most concerned about is weight gain because I work so hard at keeping my weight stable and I REALLY don't want to gain more. I guess the best thing I can do for that is to watch what I eat and weigh myself often so that I'll notice if the lbs. start creeping on.

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