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Posted By : Statgeek - 7/19/2008 10:07 AM
I have an appt. on Tuesda, July 29.  It is with my gp.   I will take a pain and stiffness journal and list of symptoms.  What else should I ask the doctor?

Posted By : Sherrine - 7/19/2008 11:18 AM
Okey dokey.  The main questions I would ask are:
1.)  Do you believe fibromyalgia exists and is a true illness?  (Not all in 
      your head.)
2.)  How do you treat (medicine-wise) your patients with fibromyalgia?
This will give you some idea as to where they are "coming from".  Some doctors think this is all in your head.  You want a doctor that will work with you when  you are having a lot of pain.  I wouldn't bring up pain meds on the first visit or they may think you are a drug-seeker.  But, you want someone who will work with you with medication.  Many doctors don't go the supplement route...mine included.  But I search things out, pass it by him to be sure that it's safe to take, even if he thinks I'm wasting my time.  I also check with my pharmacist.

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Posted By : MEG25801 - 7/19/2008 4:24 PM
Have you been diagnosed with fibro yet? I went to my doctor for my regular visit the other day just to check my lipid profile and I took him the check off list for fibro and a list of my symptoms. I had asked the nurse before hand if the doc believed in fibro...she said well I don't know about him but I sure don't. That discouraged me some. When the doc came in he already knew that I wanted to talk about fibro. He came in the room and looked at my papers I brought and told me truthfully that he knew nothing about it and that he would refer me to a rheumatologist. I go Sept 29th. It's such a long wait but there is only 1 in my area. I am going to start seeing a chiropractor Monday that has patients who have fibro. Maybe it will reduce some of the stiffness and pain...God know it couldn't hurt :-)

Posted By : Statgeek - 7/19/2008 5:13 PM
No. No diagnosis except osteoarthritis, which I think may be incorrect, based on xrays. I have no idea what the trouble is. Hopefully she can figure it out. Good luck with the rheumatologist.

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