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Posted By : bphope - 7/21/2008 7:28 PM
I was dignosed with fibro only about a month ago and started taking meds and was starting to feel better. today I found out that I pregnant and the doctor told me to stop all of my medications. I am affraid of the pain. Any suggestions

Posted By : Tapestryloom - 7/21/2008 9:45 PM
There are a lot of alternatives to taking the medication. Your Dr. told you to stop the medication because the risk to your unborn baby was too great. You could try things like:
1. yoga or stretching
2. light exersize, like swimming
3. Warm moist heat
4. Guided meditation, relaxation CD's
5. Spend at least 30 minutes a day relaxing and pampering yourself.
6. find ways to de-stress your life
I know a lot of these ideas are focused on relaxing and not on medication. But it's amazing how much our minds can help us to overcome pain. Remember the mind/body connection?. Best of all, remember that by forgoing the medication, you are doing a great, unselfish deed for your unborn baby
Good luck!

I am a mother to 4 children; James 7 mo.'s, Davey 2 yrs, Dana 4 yrs, and Anne 9 yrs.  I am currently studying to become a natural childbirth educator.... and just trying to figure out where my priorities are right now.

Posted By : Chutz - 7/21/2008 10:35 PM
Hi bphope and Congratulations!! Please try not to worry about the pain of fibro during your pregnancy. Stress and worry will only make the pain worse and not accomplish anything. I know...I sound like a

We have had many women go thru pregnancies on the forum and most of them have reported that their fibro symptoms lessen and sometimes disappear during their pregnancy. How great is that?!!? But once your hormones return to normal levels after birth they will most likely return. So, this could be a fibro vacation for you. Just wait and take each day as it comes. Get lots of rest and, like Carolyn said...try to de-stress your life.

Gentle hugs,

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Posted By : ericsmom - 7/22/2008 5:50 AM
Good Morning BPhope, and congratulations!! I have fibro, and my rheumy says there is NOTHING he will give me for pain. So dont worry about no meds for now and focus on a healthy baby. Carolyn gave you excellent advice. You can do this....we are here for you. I think what Chutz has told you, should help you realize that you can cope fine without meds while your little one grows.
Hope this has helped you.

Gentle hugs

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Posted By : mamanan - 7/22/2008 6:37 AM
First off, congratulations!! That is wonderful news! :D

I don't have a fibro dx yet, but it's probably what is wrong with me, the symptoms all sound so familiar, even the doctor is leaning that way. I started having vague symptoms about 3-4 years ago... fatigue, weakness, adn an ache in my legs and hands. I went to the doctor's but didn't realy push for anything, I thought I was imagining half the things going on. Then I unexpectedly got pregnant again. And you know what? I never felt better! That is when I knew for sure that there really was something goign on. It was only a year after baby girl's first birthday that my symptoms came back, and it also coincidited (is that a word?) with my stopping my diet and exercise program at the time. So maybe the same will happen to you? Carolyn also has some wonderful ideas. After all, pregnancy is a time to pamper yourself :) Try not to dwell on the negatives, but instead on all the wonderful changes happening to your body. And those nine months will go by so quickly, enjoy it while you can! Is this your first child? Good luck with a smooth and healthy pregnancy!

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Posted By : Marlee2 - 7/22/2008 8:21 AM
Congrats BPhope. We have some amazing mothers on here with four children each. I don't know how they do it but they do and do a great job.
The only thing I take for pain on a daily bases is tylenol so we are not all on pain meds. I think the relaxation methods and pampering yourself is a good idea. Don't stress over the meds or you will cause yourself pain.
luv and hugs

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Posted By : GamJill - 7/22/2008 8:36 AM
Hi bphope and congrats-

I'm like Marlee, I only take Tylenol 4,000mg a day for pain and Darvocet if pain gets bad so just take it one day at a time! Also, like they mentioned that a lot of them have had decreased symptoms of fibro, or none through their pregnancies. Enjoy this time and we will be here for you- GamJill

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Posted By : Meggie - 7/22/2008 8:55 AM


Congratulations!!!  Children are a true blessing. 

You can get through this and hopefully the symptoms easy up for you.   Awhile back I read an article in a magazine about a woman who had fibro and had two kids after her diagnoses; she had no symptoms during her pregnancies.  I hope this is the case for you!

Take care of yourself!



Posted By : Ingenua - 7/22/2008 4:35 PM
: ))))
i wouldn't worry too much about the pain! just enjoy the new baby growing inside of you!

I was actually wondering if having FMS lessens your chance of getting pregnant?

Posted By : getting by - 7/22/2008 5:36 PM
Hey there Bphope,

Congratulations. You are so lucky.

I tend to agree with the others, I think you have gotten some very good advice. Try to enjoy the pregnancy. This could show that fibromyalgia is a hormonal thing. By the sound of it, women who are pregnant don't have the fibromyalgia symptoms. Yoohooo!

You are very fortunate.

hugs, Karen

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Posted By : Goyin-user - 7/22/2008 6:57 PM

I saw your post and joined the forum so I could respond to your concern.

I have had fibro and chronic fatigue for about 23 years.  I am pregnant with my 4th child.  This pregnancy I have no pain.

With some of my other pregnancies I suffered some pain and discomfort.  What some others have posted is good advice.

I am 45 years old and have found an asian herb and fruit beverage that may have cured me.  I have taken it for over a year.

My lab results for fibromyalgia are greatly improved.  This has never happened to me before.  I have not had any pain for a year.

I have stopped taking any medications for sleep and haven't had any problems sleeping.  While I am pregnant I usually have

problems sleeping.  I was concerned when I first found out I was pregnant again that my sleep would suffer.  Happily, it hasn't.

I have only fatigue from my pregnancy.  This is normal.  I checked with my doctor about taking Goyin while pregnant and he

saw nothing in it that is harmful.  I did research also, everything in it is safe, according to my research.  It also provides

nutrients and vitamins that I can easily absorb, and that I can't guarantee through my diet.

Follow the advice of your doctor and the responses you feel good about on this site.  Try to enjoy this time.

If you want to read more about what I found that has worked wonders for me go to  If you don't want

to try it now then maybe in the future.

Enjoy this wonderful time!!


Posted By : donnaeil - 7/23/2008 1:04 AM
I had pain during the last 4 months of my pregnancy. HOwever, I wish I had known about water exercise then. I am sure it would have helped.

In addition, I had not been diagnosed with fibro, chronic fatigue or sleep apnea by then. If I had, things would have been much better.

For example, I would have gotten restful sleep if I had had the use of a cpap machine.


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