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Posted By : Statgeek - 7/22/2008 12:32 PM
Yesterday you'd think my brain was made primarily of marshmallows.  I was running psychology research and kept forgetting to keep the secret evidence box out of the presence of new participants.  It is a long story, but I was supposed to show participants the materials at a very specific time during the research experiment and then take it back to the storage room until next time, but I couldn't get it right!  I'd leave it in the room when the next person came in, or take it out and drop it all on the floor in front of new participants.  I couldn't get the video to run properly because I kept reading the menu wrong.  I'd carry off the informed consent forms and set them down somewhere and have to go looking for them again.  I couldn't think of my vocabulary when corresponding with profs, either.  I'd think, what's that word, aw heck, what is a diff word? and sit there and ponder how I was supposed to say something when I couldn't come up with the words. . .When I came home to make dinner, it was just as bad.  Even as I was thinking I would pour the hot pasta water over the frozen vegies for a bit of added flavor and jump start their cooking, I poured it into an empty pan and thought, oh, where are the vegies?  After dinner I finally gave up and watched tv.

Posted By : Sherrine - 7/22/2008 12:54 PM
Boy, Sue, you sure had a horrible day.  I hope today is going better for you.  When I first started having days like that, I was so concerned I was getting Alzheimer's.  It is crummy and it makes you feel so stupid.  But you aren't.  You know that.  The more you get upset about the fog, the worse it gets that day!  At least that's what happens to me.  So, when another day like this pops up unexpectedly, try to laugh off the mistakes, make jokes, etc.  It does and everyone around you.  The good news is that we don't have days like this every day!  yeah

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Posted By : Chutz - 7/22/2008 1:43 PM
I agree with Sherrine...ya just gotta try and laugh it off. I must say I'm not always successful, especially when I'm tired and it's the 4th time I've tried to put the milk into the pantry...but, you do have lots of company.

Keep Smiling!

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Posted By : mamanan - 7/22/2008 1:50 PM
Oh, I can sympathize! I waitress, and lately, I've had to write down a drink order for 2 people. I felt so dumb!! But I felt even stupider bringing a root beer and a ginger ale to a couple that had just asked me for a coke and a sprite :P I hope you have better days ahead!

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Posted By : Marlee2 - 7/22/2008 2:01 PM
It use to scare me too but nothing about this DD is a surprise anymore. I do have days when I have to decide what is safe to do and what isn't. There are days or times of days when I feel like it really isn't safe for me to drive so I don't unless I really have to. I would never want to hurt anyone. You really do just have to laugh at yourself sometimes or it will really get to you. The fog is normal for us so take comfort in knowing your not alone with your fog.
luv and hugs

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Posted By : Statgeek - 7/22/2008 2:14 PM
You are all so right - laughing does make it better. All the while with participants yesterday when I'd say, ok, come in and have a seat, no, wait, will you wait outside, ok, come back in now, etc. I just told them, "sheesh, I'm such a dork," and "no, all this shenanagin is not part of the experiment. We are not trying to figure out how much silliness you will tolerate before you leave!" On days like that, I need to remember to practice mindfulness. It is something I learned from Thich Nhat hanh's book, miracle of mindfulness. Maybe it will help. :)

Posted By : Meggie - 7/22/2008 4:50 PM


Wow, I thought you were describing one of my days.  I also work with profs and department heads at a university and when the fog hits hard it seems they all need me for something.  And how stupid do I feel when I know what I want to say but just can't seem to get it out of my mouth.  What I have been trying to tell myself is that I would never judge any of them for having a day like that and I feel a little better.  What I have run into is that I really don't know that I am having that kind of day until I get to work and realize that I can't speak with words that make sense.  I probably should go home but I just try to keep myself busy with things that I can't screw up. 

You are in good company! tongue


Posted By : Statgeek - 7/22/2008 5:26 PM
omgosh Meggie, it is crazy, isn't it?  But I need these guys' glowing letters of recommendation for my phd program applications!  I told my research mentor yesterday that the computer was giving me problems and that is what threw me off!  Fortunately he says I take things to seriously and to lighten up a bit.  Also, he told me yesterday that he was confident that I would succeed in whatever program I ended up joining.  I told him, "hold that thought! write it down, we gotta make sure that gets in the letter of rec."  ha ha. 

Posted By : getting by - 7/22/2008 5:27 PM
Talk about fog,

I hate when I walk into a room wondering what I went in there for. I have to go back to where I was before, remember what I was doing that caused me to need to walk into the other room in the first place. Sometimes I just shrug my shoulders and say forget about it. Eventually it will come back to me. I hope...

hugs, Karen

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Posted By : Sherrine - 7/22/2008 5:40 PM
Stat, maybe your mentor is correct.  Perhaps you need to relax more.  You may be putting yourself in unecessary stress and that is playing into the bad fog!  Try to relax more.  Most fibromites are a Type A personality so that doesn't help one bit!  Just relax and do your best.  That's all anyone asks of you.  Maybe you will find that the fog isn't too bad, then.  But, always carry a pad and pen or palm pilot for your things to remember!  :-)

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Posted By : CINDY30 - 7/22/2008 10:23 PM
I was in a car accident a few months ago that was totally my fault or the fault of the fibro fog. I was so disoriented while driving that I had no clue I was making a left hand turn from the right lane of a one way street. That was when I woke up and realized how serious this thing was.

Posted By : getting by - 7/23/2008 5:57 AM

Did you get hurt in the accident? What about the other person? You probably just forgot that it was a one way street. But that is probably no excuse to the police. Or the judge.

I stand on the fibro fog. Please give me a break. Before long, they wont let us drive anymore.LOL...

I am glad that you are okay.

Hugs, Karen.

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Posted By : CINDY30 - 7/23/2008 10:14 AM
No, neither of us were hurt but I was concerned because my fibro started after an auto accident a little over a year ago that wasn't my fault. I felt awful for being the cause of this other persons' stress because I knew what it felt like to have no control over your body and know that it was someone else's fault.

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