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Posted By : poco - 7/24/2008 6:00 PM
Hey everyone,
 I am still researching so please be patient with me. I went to me primary care doc today to talk to him about my pain med ( lortab) and fibromyalgia. He spent a few minutes with me and was out the door. I had a bone density test done and he said that I have osteoprosis (sp?) and he is starting me on lyrica for fibromyalgia. With the pain I have what about my lortab? And NO I AM NOT A PAIN JUNKIE! And what about my soma's for the killer spasms I have. He didn't spend enough time with me to find out. Will the rhemutologist (sp?) help me with that? I know lyrica should help me some but will it be enough. I know I need the soma's for spasms. Flexeril did nothing for them. I was so upset. Do any of you take pain medication besides lyrica? What about soma? WHat other kind of medication do you take for it? My mom works at a pain clinic and she says her doc want see fibro patients because its hard to prove the condition. SUX huh! Well thanks for listening and any help would be appreciated.

Posted By : Chutz - 7/24/2008 6:16 PM
Hi Poco,

Sounds like you got a rotten deal from your doc. He at least should have taken time to listen to you or talk about your symptoms and needs. My doc reviews all of my meds, which is quite a list, every time I go in...and that's once a month. The rheumy might help out with pain meds depending on his beliefs and practice. Some do, some don't believe, some refer you to someone else to prescribe narcotic meds. I would at least think your doc would have checked with you about things you are currently taking. Very poor treatment IMHO.


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Posted By : Marlee2 - 7/24/2008 7:37 PM
Hi Poco and welcome to our family. I went to an ortho for my hand that did that to me and I followed him right out the door to his office asking him questions. I really get steamed when it comes to docs and they only get one shot at it with me. They are not gods and I don't care how long it took them to get their degrees it does not give them a right to disrespect the people that hire them. Without patients that education, some are still paying for, means nothing.
Thankfully, I do not belong to an ins group that only allows so many minutes per patient. My GP will sit and talk to me til I've asked every question on my list and then some. I seen him Mon. and I started feeling bad cause I had taken up so much of his time with questions. Yea, you might have to wait a few minutes while someone before you takes the time they need with him but it is worth the little wait. I've waited a lot longer at these over booked specialist. Okay I'm done venting.
I hope you find a rheumy that spends more time with you.
Read all you can on the threads and make a list of questions to take to the rheumy. There is so much great infor on this forum.
luv and hugs

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Posted By : 2tmoose - 7/30/2008 3:08 AM
Hi Poco

I am on a slow release morphine that I take twice a day. I have Lortab for the "breakthrough" pain and only take it when I need it. The Lortab should only be taken as little as possible since it can damage your liver. As for the Soma, my doctor called it poison. I take flexeril. I also take Lyrica. The Lyrica is great for the muscle pain. I also take a depression medication Celexa. I have migraines so I can't take most of the new depression meds. I have found that as long as I take my Kadian(morphine) everyday like I am supposed to I don't really need as much of the Lortab, except for really bad flares. I also have a bad back and neck so sometimes the Lortab helps that when I have overdone it. This is the best control I have had of my FMS since I was diagnosed. If you can get a medication to control the FMS then you don't have to take the Lortab or other breakthrough medicine as much, you can start to feel better. At least that is how I found control. If you don't have a pain specialist, maybe you should see one. They are educated in FMS. Let someone who understands the pain help you deal with it. Just a thought. Best of luck finding control


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Posted By : Lindaloo - 7/30/2008 2:16 PM

Right now I take Lyrica 50mg three times a day. In addition to that I still need my percocet 10/650 every four or five hours. The good news is that now I am actually out of pain most of the time. Before, the best I could do was achieve about a 3 on the pain scale. This has been wonderful. I am a bit more sleepy than I was before the Lyrica, but it is a trade-off I can live with for sure. By the way, I go to a pain management specialist doctor. I tried Kadian and oxycontin. Didn't work well for me. The percocet I can handle and I don't have any side effects really.

Hope this helps.


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