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Posted By : kmhayes - 7/25/2008 6:20 PM
alright- this is a new one for me. I have def been feeling a little more fatigue than usual..but I have been feeling dizzy A LOT. when I go from stitting to standing..or even if I just stay sitting...I am making sure to keep hydrated....any ideas? anyone else experience this??
thanks ahead of time ;)


Posted By : mamanan - 7/25/2008 7:09 PM
I don't know if I have fibro... although my symptoms seem to fit... so this might not pertain. But I had lot sof dizziness for about 6 weeks or so. It was really hard to get through the day at times. I hope this passes for you quickly.

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Posted By : Ginny - 7/25/2008 8:20 PM
Hey Kelly,
Dizziness or a loss of balance is a major symptom of fibro.  Not unusual at all.  It's annoying isn't it!!!  I have trouble walking sometimes. My balance and sense of the dizzies is brutal.  I wish I had some advice for you.  So far I haven't found or heard anything that helps with this.

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Posted By : Statgeek - 7/25/2008 8:49 PM

Today, dizziness was awful.  Unfortunately when it was at its worst, I was not at home and could not get to the meclazine (sp?).  But I don't know if I have fibro or something else.  Hopefully will have some answers on Tuesday.


Posted By : getting by - 7/26/2008 7:19 AM
I would talk to the doctor about the dizziness. Just in case it is something else like blood pressure.

Hugs, Karen...

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Posted By : Sherrine - 7/26/2008 8:37 AM
I will get, what I call, a wave of lightheadedness.  It only lasts about 10 seconds but it does happen several times a day.  I'm not sure if it's the fibro or the weather fronts in the summer.  There is a lot of stormy weather out there and lots of highs and then lows.

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Posted By : Marlee2 - 7/26/2008 9:09 AM
I'm a dizzy blonde. I seem to have a lot of dizziness. Have them to check your blood pressure while your sitting and when you stand up and see if it drops. I do believe that is a lot of my problems, my BP is all over the place. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to pass out it is so bad. When you first stand up stand there a few seconds before trying to walk.
I also get the waves of lightheadedness like Sherrine was saying that only last a few seconds.
I'm sorry your having more fatigue and the dizziness Kelly.
luv and hugs

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Posted By : kmhayes - 7/26/2008 9:11 AM
thanks everyone for making me feel better- whenever I experience a new symptom my first thought is "massive brain tumor" my blood pressure is fine, thank you though Karen for double checking. other than the fibro, I am completely healthy. that is what frustrates me the most a lot of the time- I am 23, physically look to be in great shape...but as everyone knows here, how you look and how you feel are two different things.


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