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Posted By : patsie - 6/14/2009 4:51 PM

Have any of you found that you experience more nerve pain and sensitivity in scars from surgery because of Fibro?

Also does this sensitivity seem to last longer for us than other people? Nerve endings are so hypersensitive in many of us that I suppose this could cause an unusually long healing process.

Thanks for your thoughts.


Posted By : WhiteChocChip - 6/14/2009 4:55 PM
The way it was explained to me is that nerve endings get stuck in the scars and cause pain/stiffness even for people without Fibro. They say massage and gentle stretching will loosen the nerve endings from their stuck spots and decrease the sensitivity.

Posted By : Hara - 6/15/2009 12:56 AM
Yes I have noticed a certain sensitivity in my hernia repair scar AND it's still trying to heal. I went in Feb. 17, 2009

Posted By : SleepyBug - 6/15/2009 6:54 AM
Hi Patsie,

Yes, absolutely. I still have occasional pain and itching at the site of my c-section incision, and my last one was almost 5 years ago. It doesn't hurt as bad as it used to, but I do get twitching raw nerve ending pain there from time to time. Never thought about this being a Fibro thing, though by now I should know that any weird thing I'm experiencing in my body is about 99% guaranteed to be Fibro related!

love and hugs

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Posted By : patsie - 6/15/2009 7:48 AM
Hi Danielle,

Thanks for the answers. I have just been surprised at the unusual pain form my surgery lasting this long. I do think it is more difficult with Fibro for nerve endings to heal. Hey Lady, what isn't more difficult for us.

Hey WCC, love the name, thanks for the good advice. It makes total sense.

BUT I must say when I get more nervous the pain, itching and discomfort really increases. Interesting but not a lot of fun.

Thanks again, Patsie

Posted By : TarheelMama - 6/15/2009 12:57 PM
wow again somebody else is going through this same as me. my scars are very touchy.



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Posted By : solar powered - 6/15/2009 5:19 PM
I have a 3" scar on my left leg just below my kneecap from ACL reconstruction surgery. For the longest time it was very sensitive to touch. It is right where the doctor uses the little hammer to check your reflexes so I always warned them to be careful or that I would hurt them back. Recently I was having some pain in that knee and my chiropractor used Graston Technique on it. That involves a special tool to break up scar tissue. After just one session (granted it was an uncomfortable session) the sensitivity at that scar was gone and has remained gone. I was totally amazed that after 7 years that it could be helped at all let alone fixed. Lisa

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Posted By : Piercings - 6/15/2009 6:24 PM
The additional pain and the flare that surgery threw me into was what brought me to this forum in the first place. This was where I've learned more and more about the weird/odd things that my body does. I had had surg in June and was surprised that at the end of August I was still hurting almost as much.

Posted By : WhiteChocChip - 6/15/2009 6:24 PM
yep my physical therapists and docs told me to massage the scars with lotion to loosen the nerve endings out.

Posted By : Casey Sheehan - 5/13/2017 3:47 AM
Dermalmd Scar Serum seems to work well on already healing surgical scars. Ask your doctor when you can start using this serum. I waited until my wound was totally healed. No complaints!

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