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Posted By : mina299 - 3/30/2011 11:48 AM
Hey, all!! I just joined this forum today! Thought it would be nice to connect with people who actually understand my burden! It's nice to feel supported...

I was just wondering if anyone out there has had any success treating their fibromyalgia naturally, for example, through following the advise of a naturalpathic doctor or a book, or otherwise. Or, if anyone is actively trying to heal themselves naturally, and where their progress is on that. I thought it would be really interesting to know!

I'm currently doing a fungal/yeast detox even though I don't have symptoms of for the infections except for the brain fog and fatigue (I was advised that if I have it, then it is in my gut). I was advised by a naturalpathic doctor I met in a health food store to do so. After that is done, I'm going to do a heavy metal detox to see if it helps. I was also advised to de-stress to ease symptoms, by maybe joining a Tai Chi class or something. I'm currently looking for one to join.

What are you guys doing?

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Posted By : vestabula - 3/30/2011 1:11 PM
It's just my opinion but I doubt any kind of detox will help and be a waste of money.  There are many doctors out there, and naturopaths, that will tell you the disesase is caused by a fungus, a virus, parasites, a miserable childhood, heavy metal poisoning, (I was tested for that when I first had symptoms...nothing showed up in my extensive, EXPENSIVE blood work) or a bacteria.  I had one guy try to get me to breathe into a paper bag as he claimed he could analyze my breath and tell me which organ was causing my pain.  There is no cure for fibro and no definitive cause.  There are however, an abundance of scammers pushing their expensive treatements, supplements and faulty information.  I have a friend who was told fibro was a virus and she took a massive amount of antivirals for almost six months to the tune of $700 a month.  It did nothing in that time period (except make her nauseous) and when she complained that she wasn't feeling any better he then told  her to be patient... it could take years... plus wanted her to add $200 of vitamins he was hawking along with the mix.
I do not take any prescription drugs for my pain...I have been that route also.  They did not bode well with me and I am still suffering from horrible withdrawals.  I understand your desire to treat 'naturally' but just be careful.  There are those out there who will suck every dime out of your wallet when they see the pain and desparation in your eyes.  JMHO.
Oh, I am all for destressing through yoga, tai chi or meditation.  Destressing is good!

Posted By : Bessie - 3/30/2011 1:13 PM
I feel I have my fribro under control.  I am on CoQ10 300 and 2 fish oil a day.  I feel so much better.  I also am on 2000 of Vitimen D.  Hope it works.  I have felt better for over a year.  I also sleep on a foam topper.  The type your body forms to.

Posted By : Sherrine - 3/30/2011 3:00 PM
Hi, Mina, and welcome!  I'm so glad you found us and joined the family.  I happen to agree with Vestabula.  I've seen too much of that on this forum...people trying ANYTHING and there are plenty of people out there that will be happy to take your money. 
The doctors do not know what is causing this illness...they REALLY do not know.  Yes, you will find some that say that they know how to cure it...but if you are cured, you didn't have fibro to begin with!  The learned doctors that are studying this illness think it is a neurological problem.  We perceive pain more intensely than most people too. 
I use ibuprofen with food, extra strength Tylenol, malic acid/magnesium supplements, and vitamin D3 to help with pain and fatigue.  I also use stretching exercises, I walk and/or swim daily, and get gentle massages.  These have all helped me keep my pain under control.
Be sure to check out Fibro 101...the first thread on the forum.  There are links to good info about fibro and you will learn a lot there.  Read the link called A Thorough Explanation of Fibromyalgia.  Also the link called Doctor's Respond to New York Times Article is really good.  Doctors who are studing this illness tell what they think is going on.  It's an eye-opener.  Lastly, there are links about malic acid/magnesium supplements and vitamin D3 you might want to read.  These have helped me and others on this forum.
I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.  Don't hesitate to ask questions because we are here to help you.  I hope to hear more from you soon.
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Posted By : Myself 09 - 3/30/2011 6:16 PM
I am all for natural solutions. For some things, it can make a world of difference.

That being said, sometimes Mother Nature needs a little help from the pharmacy.

There is no cut-and-dried solution, cure, and/or diagnosis. And, each person experiences symptoms differently, symptoms that change due to a wide-variety of circumstances. So, IMHO, there is ONLY what works to make you feel better, with your unique manifestations of this condition, any other conditions you may have, and the conditions of your life.

But, I would be hesitant to try anything that has not been vetted by my PCP. Luckily, I have a doc who is an internist, AND is receptive to natural treatments, where possible and if they are vetted.
Fibromyalgia DX 2005. Ulcerative Colitis, arthritis, TMJ. Family History of Fibro--2 out of 3 siblings diagnosed.

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Posted By : GSDgirl - 3/30/2011 8:04 PM
I always thought an internist was just a doctor that only treated adults, no children.

My doc is a DO, doctor of osteopathy (I think I got that right) They treat the whole body and he does not hesitate to send to a specialist which can be a pain. He agrees with holistic / natural also. Those are hard to find, looks like we both got "good" ones
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Long lasting remnants (side effects) from Hepatitis C and it's treatment. The good thing is that I cleared the live virus in 2008.

Posted By : bridget10 - 3/31/2011 12:39 PM
Hi "mina"....nice to "meet" you. :) I rarely get on here anymore but just happened to accidently click on this and your post caught my attention. I am also into trying to figure out how to treat the Fibro naturally. I am just a big health nut all around, so it just makes sense to me. You will find that it is rare to find people who lean towards the holistic approach on this board, however. IF you want to e-mail me- feel free to. I think if you click on my name you will see it. I do think that there is a different cause for everyone- that a doctor can't pinpoint one specific cause.... but I also think that many people with Fibro struggle with a lot of the same symptoms and don't realize it because a conventional doctor doesn't focus on these things. They are there to treat the symptoms and don't want to go into the role diet plays, for example. I am going to school right now to be a Certified Health Coach and have come across MANY people who have Fibromyalgia or some other similiar condition. Many of them have told me it is common to have a thryoid problem (even if you tested normal because most doctors don't do all the correct tests) and also to have adrenal fatigue. Yeast is generally a big problem too, that many people don't know about. I don't know if it's necessarily the main CAUSE of Fibro... but could go along with it. I believe diet plays a big role in how we feel. So cutting back on sugar and preservatives is always a good thing, also drinking coffee in moderation (I just drink one cup) Also, many people are realizing they are sensitive to gluten... i am one of those people. I know some people who have said eliminating gluten has helped their pain. I jsut started with that this week so it's too early to tell. Someone mentioned magnesium and that's a big one too. I take that and i believe it has helped lessen my pain. It's important to get it combined with malic acid. D3 could help too if you are deficieient. YOu don't have to spend big bucks on a naturopath unless you want to get your thryroid or adrenals tested. If you want to go the cheap route, just experiment with cutting certain foods out of your diet and see if it helps. Some people it might help, and some not- it's all different. I do want to tell you t hat I know someone who went on the yeast detox diet and it cured her Fibromyalgia. I didn't want to believe her at first. Who knows- maybe she never truly had it, but I believe it could be possible. Just go with your gut and what is best for YOUR body. Take care!

Posted By : bridget10 - 3/31/2011 12:41 PM
Oh, also a book you might be interested in is called "FibroWHYalgia" by Sue Ingebreston... she is a fellow classmate of mine. i just listened to a talk of hers and she is great!
Fibromyalgia- diagnosed November 2010

Posted By : MeGoSun - 3/31/2011 4:32 PM
I do know that if you are going the natural way you have to be very careful with you diet.
There is so much that will interfer and void out natural remedies that you really have to be careful.
I mean you need to check ingredients and everything. If you already do this then go for it.
I could never stop eating and drinking what I was suppose to.
I use to take homeopathic injections for allergies as a teen. My mother tried to go that way for the family but
with 6 kids the diet, natural foods, was to expensive to follow. We still ate good but couldn't cut out some items to go all the way.
My xmother in law was totally into homeopathic remedies and watched everything she ate. It was hard.
I hope you find all the answers you need and keep us posted.

Synthroid (dose keeps changing once it's stable I'll update)
There are other meds but they also change almost every month. lol

May the sun shine on you and warm your heart.

Posted By : LivingHappyWithFibro - 4/1/2011 3:48 PM
hi mina,
i'm sure a lot of people aren't going to like what i'm about to say, but i wanted to tell you my story about how i was healed naturally.

i was formally diagnosed with fibro two-three years ago. my fibro was so bad that i couldn't leave my house except for going to daily doctor appointments. I was so depressed because I felt like my life was over. I had to leave my grad school program when I was only a semester away from graduation. I couldn't drive a car so my parents had to drive me everywhere. I got a puppy to help with my depression, but i repeatedly had to have my dad come and walk her for me because I couldn't even walk down the block. I tried a number of different specialists, but nothing worked. Then one day, my dad heard about this healer who had cured fibro from a number of patients.

Basically, this woman gave me and all the other patients she's worked with our lives back. the work she does is amazing and she removes the fibro from your body through natural healing. she doesn't have anything to do with medicines, it's more about removing emotions that store up in your body.

I know there's a million people out there who claim they can cure fibro, but i'm telling you from a first person experience that she actually cured me. I got my trigger points checked the other day - just for fun (I used to have pain in 18/18 of the trigger points) and when I got checked this time I only had a little bit of pain in 3/18 of the trigger points.

because of the work I did with this woman, I was able to go back to school and complete my masters degree and i'm working again! This woman who cured me is going to start to do group healing seminars and if your interested in trying it, email me or contact me on here.

i'm not trying to sell you on anything - it's totally up to you if you want to try her out, but i have to emphasize that you asked about natural healing and I just wanted you to know that there is a way to remove the fibro from your body and get your life back.

to everyone who might be mad at me for this post, I apologize, but I got my life back from working with this woman and i just wanted to put it out there that there is a way to get better.

I've done a lot of research on fibro and i know there's a million theories about why we have this disease and ways to make it better. I've also seen the million different "cures" for fibro that sound like a lot of bs. Well, I thank god everyday for giving in and trying this woman out. I have my life back - I'm happy again! I barely have fibro symptoms and I'm able to live a normal life again.

This woman is extremely dedicated to helping those of us with fibro. She works with people one to one and she's starting group seminars so that she can help us fibro people on a larger scale. It makes her cry every time she sees how much fibro affects our lives and she has dedicated her life to helping us.

Anyone who is interested, you can contact me if you want more information. For those of you who I just pissed off, I'm sorry, but I feel like it's important to let you know that there are ways to get better and to get your life back through natural, alternative healing. I think there's a spiritual component to fibro and I believe that's the main thing the doctors are missing. It's not all in our heads, but think about how powerful your mind is. There's ways to train your mind to overcome fibro, you just need to find something that's going to work for you...something more than western medicine...
Please read forum rule #1.  Thanks!

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Posted By : hypervee - 4/1/2011 9:35 PM
I use a combination of both. Meds like Paxil, Neurontin, etc., and natural things like a multivitamin, Glu-Chosamine (which helps my foot pain immensely), some homeopathic remedies (I like these, because there are no side effects--even herbal supplements can affect you adversely), and topical things like warm and cold packs.

I agree with others here who warn you that there are a LOT of scammers out there. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. I've been there, done that, and I wouldn't go to another naturopath again if you put a gun to my head. :(

Posted By : Deb25 - 4/2/2011 3:57 AM
Very timely post for me, thank you.
My rheumy put me on 325mg aspirin every morning, 15 mg Meloxicam at supper time, and 10mg of Flexeril at supper time.  After 4 days on the Meloxicam, and nine days on the Flexeril and aspirin, I got very sick.  Terrible bloating/gas pressure, vomiting.  Since I had been on the Flexeril for 9 days, I figured it had to be the Meloxicam and stopped taking it.  So yesterday, I was angry at myself all day because I was so sure I had gained weight, my jeans were too tight.  Last night, I got sick again, same thing, except this time even more vomiting and I think I even vomited up some blood, I know aspirin can do this to people.  I have come to the conclusion, I just can't take meds anymore.  By the way, I have not gained weight.
To begin with, I should add, I am intolerant of so many things.  At this point in time, the list of what I can eat is much easier to list than what I can't.  I eat chicken breast, peas, carrots, green beans, apples, pears, cherries, peaches, walnuts, almonds (which I make my own almond milk, too many ingredients in the processed almond milk), and I use olive oil, and drink decaf coffee and teas.  My diet is so refined at this point that when I do get sick, I can usually pinpoint why.  I am gluten and all grains intolerant, dairy intolerant, nightshades, cruciferous veggies, red meat, shellfish, and most oxalate foods.  I went on a candida diet in March 2010, by Nov I had lost 95# and was doing much better.  Still dealing with the headaches/neck/shoulder pain daily, and often periformis muscle pain, which goes into sciatic issues usually too.
So now, I think I am going to have to figure this out without meds.  Half the battle though, is knowing what you are dealing with to begin with.  I'm very emotional this morning, hope this all makes sense. sad

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Posted By : Sherrine - 4/2/2011 6:42 AM
As I posted earlier, I do a somewhat natural approach to fibro.  Using ibuprofen with food, extra strength Tylenol, malic acid/magnesium supplements, vitamin D3, gentle exercises like walking and swimming, and gentle massages to help control the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia.  This has worked for me but doesn't always work for everyone.  This approach is also cost-effective, too.
I also agree that there are plenty of people out there willing to take your money for their "cures".  Most do not work and if they did work, the patient most likely didn't have fibromyalgia to begin with.  Fibro, as you all know, is such a devious illness.  There are so many symptoms that are symptoms of other illnesses, too, and that's why this is difficult to diagnose.  We had a member several years ago that had been diagnosed with fibro for several years and then found out she really didn't have it afterall! 
We do not know what is causing this illness but most studies are now pointing to it being a neurological problem.  Also, we all realize that stress makes the problem worse.  Here is a link from the National Institute of Health about what fibromyalgia is.
Here is a link from the Mayo Clinic explaining what lifestyle and home remedies help with this illness.  You will see that it's what we stress on this forum.  These really do help!
Lastly, having a positive outlook on life helps so much.  I take one day at a time, count my many blessings in that day, and look forward to the next day with anticipation.  I have never been dragged down by depression...except when my husband passed on suddenly at a young age.  Even then, I didn't take antidepressants and came I out of the depression.  Drugs are not always the answer.  I am a strong, happy person who is emotionally sound but still has fibromyalgia.  All studies point to the fact it is a medical illness, not something you are bringing on yourself.  Stress will intensify it so I really try to keep things in perspective that happen in my life.  Afterall, you cannot escape your stress or your emotions.  You have to learn how to deal with them.  Once you do, you will have far better control of your pain.
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Posted By : heartinhands - 4/12/2011 4:30 PM
I have a health history as a failure to thrive infant, chronic fatigue in adolescence and fibromyalgia as a young woman.  For me it took the form of migraines and muscle weakness.  It continued to get worse and worse for many years, despite scripts for chronic pain, Cox 2 anti-inflam scripts, physical therapy and advice of all my docs, including a pain specialist.  I was even prescribed oxycontin.  The whole time I was throwing up my toes, I had no pain.  Needless to say, it was not a viable option for relief. 
In time a holistic practitioner, a kinesiologist did a body scan using muscle testing and allowed my body to speak through the strong or weak indicator muscle.  I learned my adrenals were fatigued, my lymphatic system, liver and gallbladder, colon were weak.  My thyroid was sluggish.  I was riddled with Candida (yeast infectionse went on for months at a time) and heavy metal of mercury.  No silver fillings ever, but my Mom did have fillings placed in her mouth while pregnant with me and I had been using condoms for birth control and the spermacide contains mercury. 
The process of building, detoxification and learning began.  Supplements for Candida and Adrenal support were started, Energetic corrections were made regularly.  Every cell in my body began to dance.  It was a foreign and very visceral feeling of celebration from within my body.  I went to the hospital library (pre internet in my home) and began learning, checking out books from the library on all the things that were out of balance.  I bought a trampoline, began the Body Ecology Diet, Regular Detox Foot Baths and continued with regular energy work.  I also took Coral Calcium which is high in magnesium which calms the nerves and relaxes muscles, omega oils (natural anti-imflam), probiotics (anti-candida), enzymes (support digestive absorbtion), fiber (keep the elimination channel moving) and antioxidancts (scavenge free radicals and supports ligaments for me).  Emotional release work freed me and I cried buckets of tears, as I stopped suppressing grief.  Eventually a divorce and I walked away from a religious organization that kept me 'feeling cramped.'  All aspects of my life were addressed, Water, Food, Rest, Exercise, Owning my Power, Relationship with myself and others.  Within a year I had lost 50lbs, and was able to work again on a part time basis.
I now know I really thrive on a diet of greens and a small amount of red meat with fermented foods as a side.  Low carbs and mostly gluten free supports my balance. 
Have FAITH you can heal if you provide what you need for your body and mind.  The quality of your life will change beyond what you can imagine if you give your body what it needs on every level.
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Posted By : Sherrine - 4/12/2011 5:04 PM
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Posted By : Beadgirl - 8/16/2017 6:49 AM
Hi Folks, I'm brand new here. After 10 yrs of dealing with Fibromyalgia I pretty much knew how to deal with it. I use Pharms and natural to deal. All of my symptoms got much worse a few months ago, WHY, WHY, WHY! Just when ya think you know what's going on. Long story short I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. It has a lot of the same symptoms but for the nausea and vomiting. Hard to deal with that symptom. I go later on to pharmacy to pick up an anti-nausea script. My sister ordered me oregano supplements for my ills. I watched a movie called "What The Health". I will be cutting out all animal products from my diet. Especially chicken. BIG contributor to cholesterol. I also have hypothyroidism, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and diabetes. I'll check back in to let y'all know my progress.

Posted By : Sherrine - 8/16/2017 11:35 AM
Hi, Beadgirl, and welcome! You should head over to our Lyme disease forum. They will be able to help you a lot.

For your fibro, please read Fibro 101...the first thread on the forum. There are links to good info about fibro and you will learn a lot there. Natural things we use are magnesium malate and vitamin D3 and there are links in Fibro 101 about these and how they work in your body.

Walking, swimming, and yoga are good gentle exercises for fibro and gentle massages are good too. I also do Trigger Point Therapy on myself and that gets rid of some pain.

I do hope you find what works well for you. Don't hesitate to ask questions because we do care about you. Hope to hear more from you soon.


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Posted By : Scarlett1 - 8/23/2017 6:54 PM
Hello :. I have just joined awhile ago and feels good to here your stories. I have had Fibro fibro 20 yrs and pain gets worse and the brain fog. Tried everything and lots of side effects so I don't take anything. In lots of pain.

Posted By : DianeB - 8/23/2017 9:35 PM
I must have had a wandering fingertip touch something while reading this thread.. Message popped up that I ignored someone ..
Was an accident.
Can you fix that ?

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