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Posted By : luvskermit - 7/5/2011 3:18 PM
Totally unexpected in Fibro, I'm sure, but anyone have these? I'm one of the lucky ones, according to my doctor.  I had one years ago, and think I just passed one while on vacation (wasn't totally silent.)  Of course, it seems like my stress was relieved so the body had to find a way to stress me anyway! lol!!  The episode seems to have passed...  
Just unsure what my next move should be. Shall I worry about it? Not worry about it? Aaaaaaaaaaaaggghhh!!!!!   I don't have time to go to the doctor and certainly no time to worry about it!!!
Thanks in advance!

Posted By : Deb25 - 7/5/2011 5:49 PM
I have what they called "stable kidney stones."  They told me to stay away from calcium, that they probably will stay as they are.
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Posted By : AustenFan - 7/5/2011 6:18 PM
I've passed 30+ kidney stones since the age of 16. At this point, mine have to be pretty large to cause any symptoms (I think the ureters have dialated over the years), and often I only have bladder discomfort instead of horrific flank pain, although I still sometimes have that if the stone is large enough.

I've had lithotripsy, surgical removal, and tried various meds to no avail. I usually just pass mine at home now, if possible. I no longer see a urologist regularly because every time I did, they would want to run extensive, expensive tests but couldn't really do anything to help me. Now, my GP will just ask me if I've had any lately and put it in my chart. If I have one large enough that won't pass, I will have to go back to a urologist, but I didn't really get any help in prevention going that route.

There is a possibility of kidney damage if the ureter gets blocked, but typically, if it were blocked the pain would be severe, and you would know. For now, I just try to let nature take it's course.

If you had your stone analyzed, you can tailor your diet to help prevent your particular type of stone. Mine are Calcium Oxalate (most are this type). With this type, you often want to avoid calcium pills (ask your doc first), but eating foods high in calcium helps avoid stone formation. Drinking lots of water, lemon juice (or lemonade), and avoiding foods high in oxalate, such as chocolate, coffee, tea, spinach, also help block formation of CO stones.

My opinion, and I'm not a medical professional, is to mention it to your doc and see what he says. A simple x-ray (called a KUB) can often show if you have more stones in your kidneys. Stones just sitting in your kidneys usually don't cause any problems. Doctors only go after a stone if it is causing too much pain, won't pass on its own, or is causing damage (rare). Most stones do pass on their own, and the only thing the doctor will do is offer pain relief and try to help prevent another.

On the other hand, because I've had so many over the years, I would probably just ignore it, lol.

Posted By : mscrowbar - 7/6/2011 9:12 AM
I totally agree with Austenfan. I could have writtern that post myself all the way down to the "I would probably ignore it".

I haven't gone to the urologist myself either but for another reason - I cannot handle knowing that I may possibly have more stones just waiting to attack. I would rather not know and take my chances.

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Posted By : lizzardM - 7/21/2011 8:04 PM
I started passing kidney stones about 2 years ago.  The first time sent me to the hospital.  Then my doctor set me up with a urologist who put me on Maxide, but that only stopped them for about 6 months.  Most of the time I pass them (at least once a month) I don't have any pain until the moment I am ready to pass them.  But I would love to know how to stop them.  I drink plenty of water and have changed my diet.
Oh by the way, I pass about 10 to 30 stones at a time.  My largest has been about 3 mm.

Posted By : mscrowbar - 7/22/2011 8:04 AM
My doctor told me that mine were "oxalate" stones and gave me a list of foods to avoid.  When I still kept having them he said to avoid eating too much protein. So, I avoid as many of the forbidden foods as possible and eat only as much protein as necessary to survive (for other reasons I cannot go strict vegga). I have not had a stone since (that I know of).
Its been about 4 years now this past July 4th that I had my last "attack". There were 10 stones ranging from 10mm to 2.2mm. I had the last one removed that September. I was supossed to go back in 6 months to get a cat scan and I never did. I just don't want to know. I am terrified to know.
I would never wish kidney stone pain on anyone. The pain can be so bad that you would not mind throwing your self in front of a train just to get relief. Really.

Posted By : Leigh Harrison McMichael - 3/15/2017 9:37 AM
Have you looked into the possibility that your fibromyalgia is actually hyperPARAthyroidism and/or coexists with this condition?

I was recently misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia only to find out that it was due to my high calcium levels (aka hyperparathyroidism). It's a common yet highly misunderstood disease that is easily curable with surgery.

Kidney stones (especially calcium) are one of the major symptoms.
Please ask your doctor to run your serum calcium, PTH and vitamin D together in your next labs!

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