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Posted By : Klambert1 - 11/8/2011 4:04 PM
hello all,
sorry to complain, but I am tired of feeling sick! Why the sick part? I don't get it. I don't have as much pain as I used too, but I feel sick, "flu". My active shooting, throbbing, stabbing pains are just about gone, unless I overdo it. I still stay sore to the touch in the muscles, if you put pressure, but now it's just this feeling bad I have a virus going on thing! I feel like fms is autoimmune, even though they say differnt.
I am fine, but get me moving and going and alot of walking, then bam, I feel like someone gave me a virus and I feel horrible! I went to the md, my hubby was with me, then we ate lunch, walked in two stores then by the next one, I was feeling like crap..headache, nausea, fatigue, dizzy and plain ol blahh!
Sorry, I gotta get it off my chest. I just can't shake this "flu" feeling. Im tired of walking around with a constant 24 hr virus. Sometimes I wonder if it really is fibro at all.
fed up

Posted By : bayoub2 - 11/8/2011 5:03 PM
The flu w/o a fever was how I described fibro to my daughter...I don't always feel that bad but on bad days, it is just like the flu, drained and aching so much your eyebrows hurt-lol

Don't have any ideas to make that better other than meds, exercise and good sleep(which evades me 75% of the time0

Sorry I can't be more helpful

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Posted By : Klambert1 - 11/8/2011 5:08 PM
Thanks Maggie,
It seems when I feel this bad only sleep helps. Kinda weird, but it works.
My eye lids will start hurting so bad, esp when I get this sick feeling, and my bowels get all upset too. Yeah, just like the flu with no fever, that's a good way to explain it.


Posted By : getting by - 11/8/2011 6:20 PM
Hi Karen,

I am sorry you are feeling so blah. Did the doc say that it wasn't a flu? There are viruses going around here, but I get a flu shot every year and avoid most of them. Fibro takes on a lot of different symptoms I think. Are you taking any vitamin D3? It seems to help with that blah feeling. Maybe you should try it if you aren't already.

I really hope that you feel better soon. I am glad that you don't have a lot of pain right now.

Hugs, Karen
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Posted By : Klambert1 - 11/8/2011 6:56 PM
No, no flu, I've had this symptom for almost as long as I have had fibro. (two years) Just my major symptom now, plus fatigue. I am taking vitamin D, plus b12 because my levels were low. Everyone is different, maybe someone has alot more pain than me, or other symptoms that stand out more than others. I am just tired of feeling sick.

Posted By : crazykitty - 11/8/2011 7:23 PM
Sending you gentle hugs and wishing you feel better soon. yeah It feels good to vent when you need it...we've all felt "fed up" at times and we do understand.
Wishing you better days ahead, and I hope the vitamin D and B!2 will help.
I have found it to help with the fatigue.
Hugs, Robin

Posted By : Flex - 11/8/2011 8:39 PM
There is a new research study that will be conducted after the first of the year to deep sequence the dna genome to determine the possible cause of Fibro. A new research study may indicate it is an autoimmune disease similar to MS.

What works for many patients realizing that each patient symptoms and metabolism are different and there are no real bio markers for the illness.
Ambien for sleep or Klonopin
Neurontin or Gabapentin 300mg must use Greenstone Mfg generic brand for it to work. as high as 1200mg for pain
Tizanidine HCL 400mg muscle spasm
Methocarbamol 500mg or muscle aches and contractions
Adderall 60mg for energy

5-HTP and L-Glutamine supplements under the Jarrow brand seem to build resistance.

Also pacing, staying within your energy envelop is a must. If you do the push/crash then you may never recover an your symptoms will only get worse.

Hope this helps

Posted By : Klambert1 - 11/9/2011 8:18 AM
Thanks alot for the info. Like I said, fibro does seem like a autoimmune disease to me. I mean what else would cause the "flu" symptoms? Or just maybe when the body has been pushed to much and it can't take anymore the "flu" plus fatigue symptoms hit before a really big "pain" flare, for me anyway.

Posted By : camas - 11/9/2011 3:57 PM
I also have the 'flu' feeling. If I get a good nights sleep, which is hard
to come by, I feel great. But most of the time I'm achy, tired and in
a fog.
As many of us are, I'm constantly in the process of trying to find that
magic combination of meds and supplements to get me into deep sleep.
Right now I'm using ambien, gabapentin and 3mg of prozac. Ambien 5mg to
fall asleep, 3mg prozac to increasse seritonin and gabapentin to stay
 I'm also on a beta blocker for high b/p the doc said to take a very
small dose of melatonin because a beta blocker will decrease the melatonin
in our bodies.
And I take mag/malate for constipation and muscle relaxation.
That is interesting about the genome study for fibor, maybe we will
finally start getting to the bottom of this terrible illness.

Posted By : ak angel - 11/10/2011 2:18 AM
I do understand so much. I went through a bad cycle with depression on just being tired of feeling sick all the time. I would look at others and ask myself what is so wrong with me. It took therapy work and I have seem to adjust better. I guess now, I tell myself at least you don't have to work and tomorrow will be a better day. I then pray it will.

Posted By : almost medfree - 11/10/2011 8:10 AM
Hi Klambert1,

I've heard that fibromyalgia is an autoimmune issue. Have you tried a good regiment of supplements? Watch to see if certain foods make you feel yucky afterwards. I know when I don't eat healthy I feel yucky.

Good luck to you.
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Posted By : Springsun - 11/10/2011 10:39 AM
I too feel like I have the flu - 24/7. This is how Fibro started for me. In the beginning I would feel sick and stay home from work. I had no fever or other flu symptoms. Just the fatigue and body aches. After a couple of days of staying home resting - like one does when they get the flu, I would think I felt better, and return to my daily routine. Soon I realized this was happening over and over and I knew there was something more serious wrong. It took years to be diagnosed, because my Dr.'s didn't understand what was wrong with me and I was on a kinds of drugs for depression, etc.

My current Dr. doesn't have a cure, but has said to me on more than 1 occasion she feels Fibro is autoimmune. I have Hasimoto's which is autoimmune, and most recently I am battling autoimmune disease in my left knee. It has been extremely painful, and limiting my mobility greatly. I take many supplements prescribed by my Dr. including Vit D3 and B12.

This is how I describe Fibro to others, it's like having the flu every day. It still isn't a good explanation I've found though cuz people can't recall flu too well. They know it sounds terrible but others who don't have this illness (whatever it is) do feel better (as expected) in a couple of days of staying home and resting.

I totally hear you regarding what you said about when you go out. I am fine for awhile too, then BAM! It hits, exhaustion, my pain levels go up and I am done. I can't offer suggestions as to what can help, I do sympathize with you so much though, because I feel the same way. Hugs.
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Posted By : Klambert1 - 11/11/2011 8:51 AM
Right now I am taking vit b12, vit D, vit C, and then otc pain meds and flexeril, and maybe once every two or three months a xanax. I know my eating could be better, plus I gotta have my chocolate or something sweet everyday. blush lol.  I have been walking a little, but since it's getting colder I hate going out. I do have a treadmill in the COLD garage, lol, need to get a heater I guess.
I just don't want to do to much and get that sick feeling again, so I avoid over doing things...even walking.

Posted By : Eliana - 3/15/2017 1:48 PM
Hi all,

Im new to this,
I know that feeling of always feeling yuck it is absolutely horrible.
I have been in pain for years, and always extremely exhausted finally this year they gave me blood tests and i had a slightly higher then normal titter level which pointed to autoimmune issue. After seeing a specialist he seem to think its fibromyalgia so i have had to have more tests. The pain comes and goes but the fatigue and the yuck feeling never does i constantly feel crappy and its depressing i dont know how im expected to work and hold a job. Any one else feel like this? Does anyone that has fibromyalgia able to work properly?
I need to work i have 2 children but by 11am im so exhausted i just sit nearly all day which is hard for me because i like to keep busy but if i keep my self busy i wipe my self out eg Tuesday i gave the house a very good clean and then yesterday i was wiped out all day. I agree with others that fibromyalgia feels like a autoimmune issue the body just always feels yuck mind you a butterfly could sneeze i i would catch their cold.

Posted By : Sherrine - 3/15/2017 3:50 PM
Hi, Eliana, and welcome. Once you know what you are dealing with and get the help you need, you can do much better if it turns out to be fibro. Hopefully your doctor is running these tests to rule out other illnesses that have many of the same symptoms as fibro...things like lupus and Lyme disease. Their treatments are different than what fibro patients use.

Some people have more difficulty with fatigue than others with fibro. I do get fatigued but it doesn't knock me off my feet. You could have fibro and possibly chronic fatigue going on. Many of us have several illnesses going on at the same time. It is very important to pace yourself when doing things. I don't usually clean my whole house in one day. I'll pick a room or two and work on them with breaks in between. I have many gardens and one spring I spread almost 100 bags of mulch but it took me over two weeks. I worked about a half an hour a day. That I could handle but if I tried to get it all done in a day or two, I would have been a complete mess. So do pace yourself.

According to the National Institutes of Health, fibromyalgia isn't an autoimmune illness. The key symptom with autoimmune illnesses is inflammation and we don't have inflammation with fibro. I do have a lot of inflammation in my body due to other illnesses I have that ARE autoimmune illness but fibro isn't one of them. So you can have fibro and also a autoimmune illness. Below is a link from the National Institutes of Health that helps explain fibro.


We do have members working full time, some part time, and some members had to leave their jobs. There is not a one set answer.

With fibro there is a large selection of things that can help with pain and fatigue but what helps one doesn't necessarily help another with fibro. It's a trial and error type thing to find what helps you the most. For me I use ibuprofen with food, Tylenol, magnesium malate, vitamin D3 and a muscle relaxer called Robaxin that did make a significant difference in my pain. I take very little of it so I don't have the typical side effects of muscle relaxers. I also walk daily as a gentle form of exercise and that really helps my fatigue. By the time I get home from my walk, I have more energy and less pain. Swimming and yoga are also very good for fibro. I also do Trigger Point Therapy on myself when needed and I get a gentle massage once a month. Including the pacing which I mentioned earlier, all of the above have helped me live a normal life with fibro.

I've had fibro for decades but yet have lived a full and enjoyable life in spite of it. So do try to keep a positive attitude and look at your many blessings and don't dwell on how you feel. I find if I focus on other things, the pain fades somewhat in the background. Your depression over this illness can definitely be playing into your fatigue too. It's just overwhelming and many do have depression problems. But my positive thinking has spared me from bad depression. I still have my bad days but most of my days are good.

Also, be sure to read Fibro 101...the first thread on the forum. There are links to good info about fibro and you will learn a lot there. Good starting links would be What Else Could It Be and A Thorough Explanation of Fibromyalgia. All of Fibro 101 is good so do read it.

It would be good to start an introductory thread so our members know you have arrived. You can get lost in someone else's thread. You will get more responses too.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. Don't hesitate to ask questions because we are here to help you. Hope to hear more from you soon.

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Posted By : Ljm2014 - 3/15/2017 4:28 PM
Just piping in here, but ..fibro for me and others i not flu like..when i belonged to a site years ago for fibro and cfs..the cfs members felt the viral type symptoms and the fibro patients, were more fatigue and pain.

This is just what people i know or have chatted with say.

One of my physical therapists, said they are thinking that we have neuroinflammation in the cells, that does not show up in the bloodwork..that made sense to me cause , i require an antiinflammatory to move.

Still there are different forms of fibromyalgia so of course we are never sure.

Flare ups are really different than day to day..


Posted By : Eliana - 3/15/2017 4:34 PM
Thank you sherinne,

I get inflammation in my hands, elbows and wrists its not AR they have ruled that out and the test pending are to rule out other illnesses.
Ive had depression for many years and am on medication which helps but lately if im tested i fly off the handle. I have done reading on fibro the issue with me doing exercise is i have lung issues and on a bad day making a bed leaves me breath less i have a specialist appointment pending for that also 😔
Thank yoy for the advise and hope my docs can get to tge bottom of my health issues.

Kind regards,

Posted By : Eliana - 3/15/2017 4:36 PM
Can i ask what is cf?

Posted By : Ljm2014 - 3/16/2017 3:55 PM
Hi Eliana,

Cfs, is chronic fatigue syndrome .sometimes i read that it and fibromyalgia are different versions of the same thing

But when i listened to the people who had the sounded very different to me.

I have a form of fibro that is considered mom, an older sister
And one daughter all have had it.

I have read at some point that there are maybe as many as seven different forms of sister has extreme restless leg syndrome with hers..but magnesium turned my restless legs syn. Off within days of taking it..and nothing turns hers off..

These diseases are complex.

Posted By : Eliana - 3/16/2017 4:01 PM
Oh yes i know what chronic fatigue is. Thanks for the reply.
Im hoping for my case ot will get sorted soon

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