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Posted By : Jasflower - 8/18/2016 10:21 PM
Hi ... I've been flaring up bad for two weeks of an on its a bad one... Burning stinging pain.. My arms my left side of my chest all around my edge of my breast and my left shoulder blade... It's tough tonight... Wondering if I should take a medrol pack I'm not sure it will work. Has it helped anyone?

Posted By : couchtater - 8/18/2016 11:10 PM
Jasflower, I notice your doctor is waiting and seeing on an autoimmune disease diagnosis for you from other forums.

If a steroid pack helps you then you definitely have an autoimmune disease. It will not help fibromyalgia because it's not an inflammatory disease.

Try it out and see if you feel better. If it does help then your doctor will know if it's autoimmune disease and start treatment quicker.
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Posted By : KallyB - 8/18/2016 11:18 PM
I have had fibro for years, the Dr that I went to helped me with some natural things that seems to help when I'm flared up. The first thing is to take high doses of magnesium oxide 500 to 1000 mg daily with folic acid and only take it until you feel relief and get it back under control. She said if you take it all the time your body gets used to it and it won't work as well. I have done this off and on for years and it does help. When it gets really bad I sit in hot baths or a hot tub. If i have to I will take a heavy pain killer and knock myself out for one night and i'm usually good to go again until the next flare up. I try everything I can but the traditional meds. Don't want to go down that road. Hope it helps

Posted By : Rockon - 8/21/2016 9:24 PM
Eventually on this thread Dr Mark Pelligrino says prednisone can be used for fibromyalgia.

From Ilovehockey, copying just one sentence: " I reported my remarkable recovery to my primary care physician, who said that fibromyalgia does, in fact, involve inflammation of the muscles, and that is perhaps why the prednisone helped me."
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This from jezwik: "...Or maybe you would benefit from what my doc just suggested for me: When the pain and stiffness is extra extra troublesome, take some prednisone for a day or two... I will be trying this and can let you all know how it goes."
Then after another comment from someone who has fibro & RA and finds prednisone reduces pain, jezwik says:  
"Great - the prednisone on a "sometimes" basis is helping someone else! Good to know, since I'll be trying this next time I have a bad flare... Thanks Bits"

No update on this thread about how the trial of prednisone went. I didn't look for a subsequent thread from jezwik.

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Quoting agentdoublek
"I feel your pain. I've responded amazingly to prednisone as well, but my neurologist said the same thing. It's all fibro. I wish i had words to help you. I also feel like my doctors are missing something. Your story sounds so similar to mine. I hope you find answers soon."
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This is from comments below a blog that was originally about L-Dopa/Dopamine research. The topic changed in the comments section. I'll quote only Aiden Walsh's prednisone remarks (in the comments after the blog.) You can find the blog at Healthrising; its from Cort Johnson.

(1). "My Brain Spect Scan showed decreased uptake to Basal Ganglia but on Prednisone my Spect Scan normalized but I still felt like hell. I know one Doctor who got well using once weekly 50,000 Vitamin D3 plus high doses of Prednisione with Oscal Calcium daily he fully recovered completely [There] is a link to Cortisol disruption plus other hormones. Prednisone also reduces swelling especially in the Brain...My Spect Scan was featured in Hydes Book"

"(2). Prednisone also works on reducing spinal fluid pressure which has been shown to be in CFS the Oscal Calcium/vitamind3 was used to protect from the Prednisone...Dr Beverly Pearson Murphy used years ago Cortef with success in smaller doses..."
From Rockon: OK, maybe I'll be quoting too much if I go further. He also touched upon fluid pressure in the brain.

other fibro patients report Prednisone helps:

I know I have seen other prednisone threads, but I don't recall enuf key words to quickly find them. Google probably could, if someone wants to spend the time.
Good luck Jasflower. i hope something causes your symtoms to settle down.i

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