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Posted By : AndreM - 2/6/2017 7:23 AM
Part of understanding any health condition is to classify for proper treatment. Fibro is a functional disorder as there is nothing most doctors know how to test for in spite of all the miserable symptoms.

This is the same with anxiety, depression, IBS most headaches etc. Here is the medical dictionary definition of disease

A testable disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury.

Doctors are scientists and scientists abhor things that can not be tested for, seen with the eye or held in the hand. They want data or it does not exist. This is why fibro was not beveled by doctors...I cant see dont have it !

If it cant be tested for medical science goes off the rails in their theory of how to treat. Doctors dislike functional patients because none of their allopathic treatments work many functional patients get sent to a psychiatrist or psychologists.

Problem is they are not trained in physiology or neuro-physiology so they start mucking around into you past and did you see you mother naked.

Since neither is trained in how to treat a mind/body functional disorder we are mistreated with powerful chemicals that have long term negative outcomes or we learn how screwed up our childhood was and that we have an ID and Ego but we are still suffering.

there was a glimmer of recognition that neither practice ( medicine or psychology) had the answers for functional medicine so a few rare medical schools created this program. Problem most were eventually dropped and none were updated with todays research.

When I started having fibro symptoms my education pointed a direction to look but no information on how to recover.

There are tests that can point to fibro but few patients have access to them - they are not definitive but they showed how and where the dysfunction is.

I have had them all, functional MRI (fMRI) CAT and SPECT scans and heart rate variability tests. They all confirm what credible fibro researchers have concluded. The brains HPA axis that is activated every time we have stress or get aroused is stuck in sympathetic nervous system dominance...and if you had an unsafe, stressfull or too demanding childhood there are permanent changes to this system that make you more prone to manifesting fibro.

More on this later - I have to be in the clinic this morning for a 7:00 am meeting

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Posted By : Sherrine - 2/6/2017 7:36 AM
My childhood was idyllic and I had the best parents anyone could possibly be blessed with...and I also have had fibro for 30 years.


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Posted By : bcfromfl - 2/6/2017 9:44 AM
I agree, and what you say can also apply to other conditions. Many times, modern medicine loses sight of the real goal, treatment and recovery, because physicians are too busy trying to diagnose and categorize. This is a result of training doctors into narrow specialties, which makes them incapable (or unwilling) to recognize symptoms outside or their expertise. Also the fear of malpractice lawsuits keeps things too focused on narrow definitions of disease leading to specific treatments, instead of recognizing categories of symptoms, and then utilizing broader treatment options that work.

There's also the fact that exact diagnosis takes more time, and more expensive tests. Patients don't have unlimited time and unlimited funds, but is medicine somewhat "milking the system" for its own benefit, and not the patient's?

This is why it's critical to become your own advocate, such as you describe. Doctors are not gods, and shouldn't be depended upon as the ultimate source of well-being. They are tools at our disposal, but if they aren't doing what is needed, then find another who will. They are a necessary evil, because they must approve tests, prescriptions, etc., but we must be educated ourselves, so we at least understand the path that must be followed, or recognize when the process has become derailed.

Posted By : mhwilson - 2/7/2017 2:45 PM
I am 43 year old woman, wife for 18 years now, and mother of 3 children. If I had to pinpoint when all my symptoms began, it was after a horrible case of pneumonia that put me in the hospital for 7 days. It took me 8 months to get over it, and left me with what one pulmonary doc called cough variant asthma. Fast forward to 2009 when I was going to a weight loss clinic and receiving lipo injections and diet pills. I was walking 5 days a week, and lost 25 pounds over the course of that year. One day I woke up and could hardly get out of bed, could hardly walk, could hardly sit. From that point on, it was numerous doctor visits to find out what was wrong with me, and why I had pain throughout my body. In 2014, I visited a rheumy that gave me an official FM diagnosis, but refused to treat me without seeing a pyschiatrist. In 2015, I began seeing a Pain Specialist and she has tested me for numerous things. She doesn't think I have FM, but as of this morning, has been unable to explain it to anything else. However, she has found other issues (Vit D levels of 8 when I started seeing her, homocysteinemia, stage 2 kidney damage from all the OTC pain relievers, de Quervain's disease, carpal tunnel). I also have a pacemaker due to asystole, GERD, IBS, and depression. As a child, I was very active, mostly happy, well cared for, and very healthy. I'm not sure why I have these issues now, but I never would have thought as a teenager that I would be in this place now.

Posted By : wayup - 2/7/2017 7:12 PM
A reminder should it become necessary
8. If you are a medical professional, do not use the forums to distribute professional medical advice

I may have misremembered in some way, but I thought you were not supposed to be giving your info of a degree etc in any medical field, and I think it is a good idea if you do not. It may give the impression to new members that you have special knowledge of fibro and company.
Of course no offense taken if someone should correct me, inform me that I misinterpreting things. Nevertheless, it is my opinion that it would be better not to sound like you have more info than everyone else, because it's possible that your bias keeps you from reading other research. IMO.

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Posted By : Sherrine - 2/7/2017 7:34 PM
You are absolutely correct Wayup. Thank you. I've been extremely busy lately and am the only mod on this forum now. I scanned Andre's post and missed this but have since taken care of it.


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Fibromyalgia, Crohn's Disease, Ostomy, Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Glaucoma, Scoliosis, Ankylosing Spondylitis
God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

Posted By : Kriya - 2/7/2017 8:44 PM
I have hernia, chronic migraine, and rare symptoms of parkinsons disease. fibromalagia is the only disease that knock me out daily. it is believed to be a combination of genetic and environmental factors with the risks attributed to each.

also the cause of fibromyalgia is unknown to anyone, every year there is new tests and new results some old become news of tomorrow, so go find out. but it is always wise to treat a disease in psychological pattern's, because it may only seem that we can do physically as normal people.

Posted By : Kriya - 2/8/2017 12:09 AM
Practicing attitude of detachment awareness.. Imagine that anything that you come in contact with, things that needs attention and concern are making you die literary.

Limiting simple things and just doing nothing, is the principle of self-realization. there is a truth in stillness with gravity ratio if you don't move your self for long enough while laying. which is increased energy levels in mental capacity, although it won't last for long enough.

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Posted By : Psychomorphs - 2/18/2017 11:59 AM
May I extend that your entry is remarkably well written.

I was going to post this when I had better insight into Fibro', I began studying PTSD and noticed many parallels, not similarities, with Fibro', well I'll let it speak for itself...

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then they will have my attention.

Posted By : GuyGene - 2/18/2017 5:52 PM
Along with The Mess😩, I also have had PTSD since Vietnam days, just didn't know about both until recently. I thought every human felt this way! Glad they don't, but like y'all, I have no idea what it would be like to not feel this crazy way.

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