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Posted By : DHLou - 3/26/2017 6:32 PM
Hi all,
First of all, I appreciate all the information given in the Fibro 101 thread. However, after reading through it all, I am still uncertain. And I was hoping of you could see what you think.

So about 11 months ago, I developed a frozen shoulder after a canoe trip. I thought nothing of it initially, and after about a week it went away. However, soon after that I began to notice migrating pain all over my body. (Also, just in case it matters, I also tried a 14 day regiment of Prilosec for the first time ever at that point.)

Anyway, after about 3 months the migrating pain had not passed. So I went to my doctor. I told him what I was experiencing...A combination of muscle pain, moving from between my shoulder blades, to the side of my waist, on my ribs near my sternum, lower ribs on the back, the fat pads on the inside my knees, deep in my calfs, my wrists, fingers, occasionally along the ridge of my jaw, top of feet near the ankle and my toes. This happens completely out of the blue, and only for about 5-10 seconds at a time. Then it subsides and suddenly hits again elsewhere later on. Sometimes these pains feel better when I apply pressure to the area, and others, like the ribs and inside of knees, hurt when I press on them. But all of these pain points are very precise, about the size of a nickel. On top of that I also develop increased skin sensitivity all over too from time to time. And stranger still, it doesn't seem to hurt much at all once I lie down at night, and I tend to sleep pretty dang good still.

I told all of this to my doctor and mentioned the frozen shoulder that started it all off, and it seemed that he used that frozen shoulder as his excuse of a diagnosis saying, "Ah you might have just over exerted your muscles and it's causing some issues. Should subside soon." Took some blood but did not seem to run it for anything more than just the basic comprehensive blood work stuff. (I really wanted him to test for Lyme, but came to see that's he did not in my results.)

So here I am 7 months later and the pain is still here. Some days, even weeks, I can go with nearly no pain flares. Then, particularly during the work week, it will happen 15-20 times a day. I want to have more information to give to my doctor on the next visit so I can get a referral to a rheumatologist or neurologist maybe, so any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

As for my background, I am a 31 year old male, 5'10 and 178 lbs. Although I am undiagnosed, I am pretty certain I have GERD. Otherwise, healthy and moderately active.

Thank you!

Posted By : Ljm2014 - 3/26/2017 7:34 PM
Our symptoms sure can vary from one person to the next, as well as what helps us..

I cannot relate to the pain localized to the size of a nickle..

Along my shoulderblade i asked my physical therapist what the pain i was feeling..and he said it was along the edge of the the entire muscle was not in pain , just the edge..was where i felt the pain..often if he hits a bad spot, and i ask what that spot is ..he will say he is working on a nerve..just some examples..

But they should do tests to rule similar issues out..

Hope they can help you figure it out..many see rheumatologists , i see my primary..his wife has fibro so he knew how to approach my issues..mainly we treat symptoms because the answers are not all there..

It takes a lot of trial and error to find what helps us the mos


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