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Posted By : Nicky G - 4/20/2017 9:35 AM
I have been suffering some strange symptoms, they started around the begining of February, where I had difficulty sleeping and then would get this tingling sensation in my left arm this often spread across my back and sometimes into the right arm as well. This was accommpanied by shortnes of breath but not sure if that was caused by panic or stress.

After a couple of weeks I started to get the same symptoms in the day time, also I felt very tired and lathargic. At first these attacks were quite spread out but gradually they came more oftern.

I saw the doctors, different ones several times and had many tests including blood pressure, 3 ECG's, and at least 7 blood tests and chest x-ray not sure what all these were although I was told my Thyroid levels were borderline and to go back every 3 months for further blood tests as they were sure I would eventually need medication for this.

Then I started to get a feeling of fullness in the stomach or bloating and also a tight feeling around the chest as if I am wearing a very tight bra but mainly to the front of my chest I have n't worn a bra for weeks. I don't seem to get the tingling or breathlessness anymore but several times a day get the tight feeling and during eating get a bloated full feeling even though I am hungry.
When I put these symptoms into google sometimes Fibromyalgia comes up and sometimes IBS. I also tried taking omeprozole (not spelt right) but after 4 weeks my symptoms had got much worse so I stopped taking them and within 2 days the symptoms had nearly gone but they have now come back worse so possibly not the tablets but a flare up?

Eventually I persueded my doctor to book me in for an endoscopy. There it was discovered I had a Hiatus hernia but when I read the symptoms for that I dont get those ie heartburn acid reflux just this tightness like a band round the chest where my bra strap used to go and bloating when I try and eat anything.

Posted By : Ljm2014 - 4/20/2017 11:08 AM
These surely could be parts of fibro, but it's good they are checking to make sure it's not something else..

Have you looked under costrochonditis ?

Many with fibro seem to have that.

Bloating is something we do complain of..I had that worse before I took a probiotic.

Did you look at fibro 101? Lots of good info there and symptoms

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