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Posted By : donnambr - 7/7/2017 12:07 AM
Does anyone have unexplained weight loss with fibro? I've lost 30 lbs. unintentionally and unable to gain anything back. I've been scoped from both ends, and had a CT scan and nothing. I feel like this disease has ruined my once enjoyable life. So depressed from all these symptoms. I've had pain in my face, vaginal and genital pain, stabbing, burning pain all over, chronic fatigue, headaches, nausea that can come on suddenly, chronic constipation, you name it. I remember years ago with a flare, my legs felt like they were severely sunburned, weird and scary stuff that make me wish I could just go back to feeling normal like I used to. I remember once getting stabbing in my waist and was admitted to hospital for nausea so severe that nothing that they gave me helped, not even a drug they give chemotherapy patients. I'm on lyrica, elavil and propranolol. Had to buy new pants because all mine were like hanging on me. My arms are so bony looking. I saw a surgeon to get my thyroid out. He says it really should be removed as it's quite enlarged and also because my brother had thyroid cancer that that is another reason mine should come out. He wants to give me a PET test, radioactive test to see if there is cancer somewhere in my body. I believe this is a waste of time, it's fibro doing this to me. I can be suffering with all these strange symptoms and all my tests so far have come out negative. I feel like I'm tired of living with all this. Sorry for all this info, but I just need someone to talk to.

Posted By : Sherrine - 7/7/2017 8:08 AM
Hi, Donnambr, and welcome! Please listen to your doctor and get the PET scan. With your family history this is very important.

Fibro is not doing this to you. If anything, we gain weight because of lack of activity. I see you are taking Lyrica and many members have stopped taking Lyrica because of large weight gains...gains of around forty pounds! You might check the other medications you are taking to see if any of those can cause extreme weight loss. Check at

It's too easy to blame fibro for any symptom we have. We had one moderator who was getting mild pains in her chest and also migraines and she put it all to fibro. She ended up having a stroke and a heart attack because she assumed the symptoms were from fibro.

I was having extreme back pain where I was getting worse and worse and I thought it was fibro but got checked out. I discovered I have a back disease called ankylosing spondylitis along with fibro. I was put on correct medications and my back is so much better.

My daughter lost extreme weight years ago to the point her elbow bones were sticking out and it turned out to be endometriosis so that's another avenue to check out...especially if you are vomiting frequently

But, above all, listen to your doctor and do not diagnose yourself. That can lead to disaster. Please get the PET scan and also please let us know what you find out because we do care about you.


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