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Posted By : DollFitz - 8/21/2017 4:36 PM
Myeloperoxidase Antibodies lgG possitive at 163
Myeloperoxidase Ab, S Possitive at 0.5
p-ANCA Possitive
Protien just out of normal range at 8.6
Alkaline phosphates High at 239
ESR Elevated at 42

I have all these possitive results and no answers and Pain all the time in my hands and feet the most but also in other body parts! It is worse after laying down or sitting to long! The rheumatologist I saw is only here once a month and I hurt so bad and want answers! Please has anyone else presented with sever constant pain in the fingers and feet for months now along with pain in hip and sometimes back and shoulders!

Posted By : Misty*Love - 8/22/2017 7:15 AM
Hi DollFitz,

I also have pain in my hands and feet. I don't have arthritis, but if I did I think this is what the pain in my hands and feet would feel like. I also have pain in my shoulders and my hips ache so bad sometimes when I'm sitting for too long. It will also wake me in the middle of the night hurting. Its either my hips or my elbows! There are times that my toes feel like I have a string wrapped around the middle of them. I drive 4 hours a day back and fourth to work and by the time I get home at night I am in so much pain I can hardly stand it. If I can make myself move around a little when I get home it eases the pain enough that I can survive without medication.

I hope you are able to get answers soon!
Laugh until your belly hurts and then just a little more!

Posted By : DollFitz - 8/22/2017 8:48 AM
Thank you Misty*Love

I have been diagnosed with Fibermyalgia a few months ago and now he has checked me for Lupas on these new blood tests! They have tried me on Gabapenten but that messed with my heart. Now Lyrica but that only helped for the first few weeks a little. So now she sent me to this other Doctor who has three different offices (one in Montana and one in Minnesoata and I cannt remember where the third one is) He flies himself between all three places! I get to revisit him next September on the 5th! Thank you for the Information! I was worried it was something other then Fibromyalgia and since you have the same symptoms I will relax ans get my anxiety into check! God bless and I hope you also become pain free in the future! I am so sorry you have to feel this way and deal with this horrible pain like I do! Thank you again for the information!

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