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Posted By : pole - 9/6/2017 3:41 AM
Hello, can you assist to interpret my lab results for Hepatitis;

Liver Function Test

Bilirubin (Total) – serum                   13 umol/L
Bilirubin conjugates, Ser                      5 umol/L Alkaline phosphate, Ser                    54 IU/L
S-ag-Glutamyl Transferase               81IU/L
S-ALT(GPT)                                            29IU/L
S- AST(GOT)                                          52IU/L
S- Albumin                                           48 g/L


Hepatitis B virus DNA                                500504

HBV -1 LOG UNITS                                      5.699

HEP “C” Antibodies                                    NEGATIVE

HEPATITIS B cAb                                          POSITIVE

HEP “B” e ANTIGEN (HbeAg)                    NEGATIVE

HEP “B” E ANTIBODY (HbeAb)                 POSITIVE

HIV-1/2 RAPID                                             NON REACTIVE

Posted By : ppm guy - 9/6/2017 12:35 PM
Hi Pole and welcome,
Your tests appear to be a follow up to hep B tests

After conversions your liver function( ast/alt, billirubin, albumin,alp,ggt) appear to be normal. Your spacing of different tests are confusing.
I assume your Ast is 52 IUL. Slightly elevated

You test negative for hep c and hiv

Your viral load can be the beginning of a chronic flare.

Posted By : pole - 9/6/2017 11:00 PM
Hi ppm guy,

Thank you for your response. Well what do I need to do at the moment? I have consulted and advised that I need to wait for six months before I could start treatment but I find it a bit risks given the fact that my viral load is on the high side.

Posted By : ppm guy - 9/7/2017 1:00 PM
Are you diagnosed with chronic hep B?

All you can do is wait. See what happens with your viral load.

please be careful around others.. You are contagious!!!

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