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Posted By : unhappycramper - 11/26/2005 2:21 PM
  Hello there,
   I've been suffering for the past four months,and no matter what I eat or drink,I get get the cramping that lasts for about 20 seconds,then hear this very loud gurgling noise in my stomach. Then sometimes I get this undefinable,excruciating pain somewhere in my lower extremities that I have to hold on to something until it passes,usually lasts about 30 seconds or so,I feel the urine tract,bowels,colon, all that area, just very bad painful episodes. Don't know what causes this,but doubtful it's a urinary problem.The doctor said it was NOT a Paralytic Ileus. 
I have had the tests,except for endoscopy,but the blood,colonoscopy,upper GI/lower Bowel are all ok. I've seen three doctors and a GI specialist,who all say that there is no cure,but with the right food combinations of soluble Fiber, always first, followed by insoluble fiber. I've stopped the fatty foods,coffee,and beer,and carbonated drinks,lost 28 lbs during these four months,and still don't know how I'm ever going to conquer this cramping.
   I've taken Donnatal(barbiturate for cramping) Hydrocodein (Vicodin for pain) and even Zannox (for stress,and anxiety) helps a little bit. I got up at three-thirty this morning,and took a very hot shower/bath to help me relax enough to sleep. I hate this pain for anyone to go through with,and hope we can find something to tolerate it.
   As far as raw vegetables,and friuts,I think I read somewhere that taken the skins off and cooking the veggies help with digesting food better than eating raw.  I hope any of this helps.
For breakfast, Good Oatmeal (not instant) with applesauce on top.   Later maybe a peeled apple,banana.  Chicken broth,with white rice,(and bits of turkey)  That's all I can stand right now. I used to drink lots of water,but that even taste terrible to me,so maybe flavor it with Pure cranberry juice. But you need to drink water.
Recently,I've joined a few IBS Forums,so maybe we can find out more.  Good Luck for now...unhappycramper2 sad

Posted By : 7Lil - 11/26/2005 2:42 PM
Hi and welcome! :-)
I'm sorry to hear about all your struggles with this. I know you said that just about everthing gives you cramps, BUT have you tried keeping a food diary? Usually it can help pinpoint what is the most troubling. Apples and apple juice are terrible for those with IBS. I suggest cutting apple everything out of your diet and seeing if that helps at all. You are right about the veggies and fruits.... people with bad guts should avoid eating them raw.
I hope you find what you are looking for in the IBS forums. And please come back and share with us your findings.

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Posted By : dbab - 11/26/2005 6:02 PM
Hi unhappycramper (I love that username BTW :)

Welcome to Healing Well!!
Just like all meds, there are different kinds that work for different people. I am on an antispasmodic but not on the first one I tried. I took Nulev prior to being on Symax and although the Nulev helped, it wasn't really doing the job. The symax has really given me relief. I also have darvocet that I take on rare occasions but if none of those meds touch the pain I will break out my trusty heating pad. I even have an extra one at work. That always seems to be a big life saver for me. Also if you have just starting taking fiber, the cramping may be caused by that. It should go away though and you should be better if you try and stick with it.

Hugs, Des
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Posted By : Keriamon - 11/28/2005 2:15 PM
I can understand the pain. Sugar alcohols give me constant, horrible cramps for two days solid. Not to mention the diarrhea and the really loud stomach rumblings (feels and sounds like my intestines are trying to move into the next zip code). Make sure you never, ever ingest any. It's not good for normal people If it's sugar free (except for some jams and jellies which are naturally sweetened with grape juice), it's evil. That goes for sugar free gum and breath mints too. 1 gram of that stuff really does me in.

Posted By : bunnybabe - 12/1/2005 6:09 AM
YES, i get the noisy cramps too!!! everyone around me says, "was that your stomach?" or "you must be starving!" i tell them it is bertha, the angry woman who lives in my intestines.

i am noisy and crampy all the time. i am still trying to find out what it may be, but i just found out that i have bacterial overgrowth--who knows..


what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Posted By : unhappycramper - 12/6/2005 11:58 AM
  Thank you all for the replies.
   I never would have imagined that my life could change so drastically like it has over these past five months.  I have had maybe three good days where the stomach rumblings and cramps have subsided,but it is confusing too hear the message boards tell IBS patients to eat Soluber Fiber and Bland foods. I have been eating Apples (Applesauce on oatmeal) But I have heard that apples were good. Others say No. It does solely rest on each individual.
   I'm thinking the worst. No more Pizza,Steak Dinners,Chili,etc. I even homemade Turkey Soup with the leftover Turkey meat/bones.then strained that out and added carrots and celery,with hardly any Spices,thinking that this would be good for me,but all the while I was eating it,I still had the cramps/noises.  And what about popcorn?  I hear that with IBS, that's a BIG BOZO NO NO.  about you?  yes my friends,Had I known before that I would come down with this stirct food diet, I would have eaten lots more Spaghetti and Pizza...Yum!  The good news is that since i have been drinking much beer,or coffee,and eating as much, I did manage to lose a total so far .....30 lbs.  he bad nes is..I need new clothes to fit.  Take care, and let me know about the Dailry,( I have been drinking Silk,but miss the yogurt) Steak, Popcorn, Pizza,or Wild Salmon. yeah

Posted By : 7Lil - 12/6/2005 1:12 PM
Hi cramper,
Many of us feel the same way you do... that our lives have been drastically changed. It is tough getting used to. I have a difficult time going out to eat.
You are right about "It does soley rest on each individual." However, when it comes to apples it seems as though most (if not all) IBSers can't handle them (juice, sauce, etc.). Apples are supposed to be one of the healthiest fruits out there (filled with antioxidants) but to someone with IBS it can be the enemy. I would be willing to bet some of your rumblings are caused by apples.
Did you know that celery has negative calories? I learned that when reading "Why Do Men Have Nipples?" Most veggies and fruits will cause the rumbles.
As for popcorn, I don't have a problem with it. I thought mainly people with IBD couldn't handle popcorn (not so much IBSers). ????
What is your blood type? People with type A have more difficult digesting red meat. (I learned that here at HW.)

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Posted By : Keriamon - 12/6/2005 2:29 PM
I've never had a problem with popcorn, but anyone with diverticulitus (sp) has to be careful with nuts, kernels and seeds since that sort of thing can get lodged in the little intestinal pockets and cause a big problem. My stepfather has to be careful about things like strawberries; he can't eat them when he's flared up. No watermelon or sunflower seeds for him either.

You know, when I was sick with my gall bladder and nothing seemed to help, I just threw all the careful dieting out the door and said if everything's going to make me sick, then I'll eat whatever I want. If you get the same result regardless of what you eat, then maybe you should go back to eating things you like. Might as well be happy for a few minutes as not at all. And funny enough fruits and vegetables are actually harder on a messed up intestinal tract than other things, so maybe you'd actually have less problems after a nice, soft pizza (we'll, we can hope).

Your gut pains and gurgles sound just like me when I'm on sugar alcohols. I assume you never consume anything that's sugar-free (including gum and mints)?

Have you tried calcium? You don't mention that you have a D problem, but I've read that calcium can actually soothe irritated bowels. If you have D, then it can help with that. If you tend towards C, you can get calcium with more magensium which is supposed to counteract the constipating effect so maybe it won't make you worse. You can always consume yogurt and milk too, provided it doesn't make you worse.

The only other thing I can think of that might help you is a food-allergy test. If you are allergic to something, that could have your bowels irritated to the point that they hurt even when you aren't eating your trigger food.

Posted By : runningrd - 12/8/2005 8:08 PM

I too can't tolerate sugar alcohols in any amount.  The only artificial sweetner that I can handle in my coffee is sweet n low.  Too much diet pop isn't good either (I drink those with aspartame)  Splenda is BAD news for me!

I have noticed recently when I'm at work after lunch - very LOUD rumblings.  I can almost feel peristalsis (and of course I'm already bloated and constipated).  I eat a big apple with lunch almost every day HMMM.....But if I eat them at home in evening, no problems.  I seem to have so much trouble after lunch at work.

I've been gone for a while since I had my gallbladder out end of Sept.  After about 10 days of continued bloating and C I was searching the boards and got the idea to go gluten free.  I felt AWESOME for two weeks but then the C came back.  However the pain from GB is gone, and don't get as bloated and gassy as I did before.  I have really been trying to follow the diet so I have been on  Don't think it's celiac but could be gluten intolerance.  Overall so far it's helped.  Has anyone else tried this diet?  The bummer is going out to eat more than anything.  Gluten is in many things you wouldn't think of.  There are many other symptoms of gluten intolerance that seem to fit with me.

I had one other question for anyone with the big C.  I don't have days on end without going or really hard stools.   Mine are mushy, sometimes a little loose, but I go in small amounts.  Never really go more than one day w/o bm but that too is because I am a runner and running serves as a laxative for me mad .  But other times its just a little bit here and there and I fell as if I have "incomplete evacuation"  and this of course makes me bloated and uncomfortable.  Anyone else with this kind of C?

Posted By : 7Lil - 12/8/2005 8:15 PM
Hi runningrd,
"Incomplete evacuation" is a classic symptom of IBS. Unfortunately the only way to try and stop that is to eat lots of fiber, drink lots of water and exercise (you already do that). You can also try the medication route and take laxatives or prescription meds (Zelnorm, etc.).
Sorry, can't help you with the gallbladder thing.
Take care.

Oh, I almost forgot.... Apples are bad.  Avoid them at work if you can, and only eat them at home.  I know some people are prone to problems at certain times of the day.  Some can't drink any juice in the mornings but are fine at night.  Me, I can't eat salad as an only meal.  I have to eat it with other food or I get D. 

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Posted By : runningrd - 12/8/2005 9:43 PM
The gallbladder thing is resolved - it's out!

I think getting the gluten out of my diet has really helped except for that incomplete evacuation. I have tried Zelnorm in the past - it gives me D and really bad bloating and gas. At one time about a year and a half ago I took it for 4-5 months. After a while it just made me crampy. Then when I take on occassion its like I said above for a day or two. Laxatives concern me that they will only make the problem worse.

I do seem to be much better on weekends too. So at least I can now have a little bit of a life. I wish modern medicine would come up with a solution. I am SO tired of this every single day!

Thanks for your comments. Take care.

Posted By : 7Lil - 12/9/2005 10:56 AM
Have you spoken to your doc about Miralax?

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Posted By : runningrd - 12/9/2005 8:20 PM
He acted like that was too harsh.

I skipped the apple today at lunch. I had the same sandwich I eat everyday - a gluten free tortilla wrap with spinach and soy cheese with a handful of baby carrots and cherry tomatoes, water to drink. Followed up with a special function at work where cake was involved - I just ate the frosting. That was lunch...and it was loud, very gassy. After dinner (a tuna sandwich, more carrots with hummus and a few bites of my sons meat sauce I make him - ground turkey and tomato) had a very small bm. It's weird how it sinks! I recently heard that if your stool sinks you're not getting enough fiber. And no I don't mean stink. Ever hear that? Since I've been gluten free I'm sure my fiber intake is less. Anyway now I feel ok, I just look a little bloated. Do you think fiber caps are helpful?

Posted By : 7Lil - 12/9/2005 10:06 PM
Many people with GI troubles can't handle raw anything. Fruits and veggies are notorious for causing gas. Tomatoes are a huge NO-NO for some of us. They are acidic and those seeds can hurt. I'm not sure if there are any other reasons but it is always on the "foods to avoid" list in my IBS books.
Yes, fiber sometimes can help. But when taking the supplements you have to remember to drink plenty of water and start slow. I wouldn't start with a full dose (lets say it is 2 tablets), I would start with 1 tablet and then increase as your body gets used to it. You will have gas and that is why starting slow is so important. The first time I took fiber I took the full dose and was up all night with cramps and the big D. I sure learned my lesson.

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Posted By : runningrd - 12/10/2005 10:06 PM

Of course I'm reading this right after I decided to take 2 citrucel tablets for the first time.

The dosage said 2 tablets up to six times a day so I thought if I started out with once or twice a day I was being conservative.  Well too late now sad

Today was horrible.  I didn't run yesterday so of course no bm.  Today I must have went a dozen times in small amounts, sometimes very small, before I went to the gym to run.  I was so bloated I wonder if people think "for all that running that girl does you would think she'd be skinnier"  By the end of my run I lose 5 pounds.  I had close to what I would call diarrhea 3 times during my hour run.  Then after I got home and ate lunch I went 3 more times, again very small but with these bm's I have very painful cramping.  I cannot live my life on the toliet!  And it's not really diarhhea I guess, it's just like mush.  Sorry for the visual but I'm thinking maybe I just need to bulk it up - so I took the citrucel.  Do you think this may help?  I know in theory it should but has it been successful therapy for some and not others?

Posted By : 7Lil - 12/10/2005 11:40 PM
Oh no, runningrd!  It was Citrucel that I did that with too.  I paid for it all night and even some the next morning.  I was bloated, nauseous and had D.  I really hope what happened to me doesn't/hasn't happened to you.  Start off slow... work your way up to a normal sized dosage.  With regular usage your bm's should start to bulk up.  Good luck!  Please come back and let us know how you survived your 1st dose.

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Posted By : patrisha - 12/12/2005 10:30 PM
I too have been experiencing severe cramping, gurgling noises in my stomach, along with severe cramping in the lower abdomianl area,  like my stomach is empty or going to explode, which it does, when this is happening I have no control, it is a spastic expulsion, I experience nausea, sweats...and generally feel lousy for 2 days after these attacks, as long as the immodium kicks in i am "OK", after it wears off, I'm rite back were I was, this has been going on for the past 20 years. NO one knew what it was.  I have done a lot of reading and dietary research and alternatives.  BUt the past 9 months have been the worst.  No food combinations, teas or soluable fiber seem to help for long. I've been taking digestive aides, along w/ fiber and an anti D may have a few days of relief w/o immodium, but then I'm right back to regular D attacks, were I can't hold it. I fear going too far from home, just driving to work creates a fear and I get an attack, I"ve tried anti anxiety drugs, zannies, everything..accupuncture gives me temporary comfort, but there must be something for the physic to reduce the anxiety of having an "accident" and able to eat food, not baby food, and have a better quality of life.  I exercise regulary, and am in great health otherwise, just tired and depressed I've had no break..any suggestions would be greatly's to feeling better

Posted By : blondie15 - 12/13/2005 1:27 PM
Hey Patrisha! I totally understand how you IBS is very similar to yours, except I dont have as bad of attacks as you and Immodium doesnt keep me constipated for more than a day! Anyway, I really know how you feel about the anxiety, as I went though it for a long time and still do (especially at school..ugh having D in public restrooms is the WORST!..especially in front of my peers) it seems like sometimes you've got more than you can handle but remember this: nothing lasts forever. Another one that helps me is the things that we worry about most almost never come true. With IBS, its crazy crazy. And maybe someday they'll come up with special foods for us! haha just keep your head up I know how hard it is...:)

Posted By : 7Lil - 12/13/2005 1:52 PM
Hi patrisha,
Welcome to HealingWell! :-)
I suggest listening to calming music on your way to work, keeping an extra pair of underwear with you, and not eating breakfast until you get to work. It sounds like you have tried many things and nothing seems to be helping. I'm sorry, this must be so frustrating. The important thing is to relieve stress any way you can. Drink calmining tea, go for walks, buy those Japanese balls and roll them around in your hands.
I wish I could be of more help. Hang in there and take care.

Co-Moderator for the IBS Forum
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Posted By : Keriamon - 12/14/2005 9:54 AM
Runningbrd, about your sinking poop.... I overheard the same story in college, about how if you get enough fiber it will float.  I asked my mother (a nurse) about it and she said that was just an urban legend.  All poop is supposed to sink.  She said if it floats, it has too much gas in it or something else is wrong with it. 

Posted By : John1 - 6/16/2010 3:10 AM
Hi everyone! I am a fellow frustrated individual with excessive stomach noises. I have been reading all of your blogs for over a year now. I always thought about writing here (and other forums similar to this), but procrastinated since I didn't find any cure to this disease. So at last, I've taken the time out to sit down and update you all on my version of the story. Well, mine got really long; so I just decided to upload it on Google Doc. This way I also get to update my post as any new findings come up and you always get the latest version of the story. Here's the link:

Posted By : Marsky - 6/16/2010 6:13 AM
Might I suggest a probiotic?

I just recently browsed and posted on the UC forum here and read up on the benefits of probiotics. I know they restore good/bad bacteria levels in the GI tract but I thought that eating yogurt would do the same thing as opposed to a pill. Wow, I was wrong! Yogurt's great, don't get me wrong, but I would have to eat a gallon of it to equal what one pill contains.

Even though I've been at this IBS thing for 11 years now (due to have part of my colon removed) and struggle with daily bm's, if my bacteria levels are out of whack, it's as if there's an alien living inside me. My gut is extremely noisy and upset, I experience burping, all sorts of "blah" activity down there. But once I started a nightly probiotic pill, I noticed a HUGE difference. Everything just seems more consistent, quieter, calmer - inside. Hard to explain but this pill does help me.

I take Renew Life, Critical Care, 80 Billion count. It's about $1 a day for 1 pill. I take it before bedtime on a completely empty stomach (the pill is encoated so it doesn't open until it's in the large intestine, just where you need it most). You find it at a health food store, in the refrigerated section. They also offer 30 and 50 Billion varieties of probiotics (cheaper). You could begin with as little as 30. If that didn't seem to help, go up to 50.

- Rectal CA 4/29/99, Stage I, 90% sigmoid/15" of colon/GB removed, temporary colostomy, reversed 6-26-99
- Chronic IBS/D symptoms, multiple bm's, on low residue diet
- Colace 50 mg + Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion daily

Posted By : Marsky - 6/16/2010 6:20 AM
I don't know why I can't edit my sig properly. (edit, aha, now I see this post has the change, my original post did not).

I must have started on the 50 Billion probiotic but I am definitely on the 80 one now. This is a very safe product, I sometimes double my dose or take one in the morning, one at night if I feel my IBS symptoms flaring up.

- Rectal CA 4/29/99, Stage I, 90% sigmoid/15" of colon/GB removed, temporary colostomy, reversed 6-26-99
- Chronic IBS/D symptoms, multiple bm's, on low residue diet
- Colace 50 mg + Renew Life/Ultimate Flora/Critical Care/80 Billion daily

Posted By : shawn12 - 6/16/2010 11:47 AM
The stomach noises are called borborygmi and they are annoying but not harmful.

" The growls, technically called borborygmi (pronounced BOR-boh-RIG-mee), are caused primarily by contractions of the muscles of the stomach and small intestine and, to a lesser extent, by contractions of the muscles of the large intestine (colon).

This is also worth reading on it.

Sarah, a 21 year old student, who was diagnosed with IBS, tell the story of her struggle with the condition.

The wrong lesson I taught myself in the lecture room

Apples and things with high fructose can be a problem because its not easily digested.

"Other examples of food substances causing diarrhea would be high consumers of caffeine or alcohol which can stimulate intestinal secretion or with the latter, pull water into the bowel (osmotic diarrhea). The same would be true for overdoing certain poorly absorbed sugars that can cause an osmotic type of diarrhea Sorbitol, found in sugarless gum and sugar substituted foods can also produce such an osmotic diarrhea. Even more naturally, people who consume a large amount of fruits, juices or other processed foods enriched with fructose, can get diarrhea because it is not as easily absorbed by the bowel and goes to the colon where it pulls in water. So if you have IBS, all of these food items would make it worse."

You also DON"T want to take narcotics for IBS, although there are circumstances. But it can make pan worse long term.

Patients with IBS Commonly Use Narcotics (Abstract #783510)

Researchers found that doctors often unnecessarily treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) with narcotics– a course of treatment is generally inadvisable because it does not improve functional status and may have adverse long term effects. Women are about twice as likely as men to suffer from IBS.

Narcotic bowel syndrome-with IBS info

One thing that has shown to help severe pain in the majority of IBSer as well as other symptoms is gut directed hypnotherapy. That may sound odd to some people, but there are reasons and it has been studied for over 20 years.

Hypnosis for IBS IFFGD

Several years ago we published an audit of the first 250 patients treated and found that hypnosis not only helps the symptoms of IBS but also significantly improves quality of life.1 Interestingly, it also relieves the additional symptoms from which so many patients with IBS suffer such as nausea, lethargy, backache, and urinary problems. This is in sharp contrast to the medications currently available for IBS, which often help one or two symptoms if at all.

Of couse this is a very safe and natural way to go.

Also more on foods and ibs

Diet and IBS IFFGD

Posted By : hotel mgr - 1/14/2011 8:59 PM
I cannot believe I am hearing the exact same things that happens to me!!  A very intense pain that lasts about 10 seconds and then my stomach make s the loudest most awful churning noises!!  I went to the dr last week and I told her about this, but she never suggested IBS, even tho I have thought about it myself...all I did find out was I am severely helps to know I am not crazy...and I hated to hear about the Apples, because I love apple juice in the morning!!!  rolleyes

Posted By : Declan Parkes - 1/15/2011 10:57 PM
Hello There,

I am a 36 year old guy.
I am suffering Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) disease.
Can anyone tell me about Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) treatment?
What are the reasons of this Disease?
Do you have any idea about its cure?


Posted By : dolphinlover1968 - 1/8/2012 3:52 PM
i don't understand what this is i am getting such sharp pain in my stomach and lower back for about a week now started as diarrhea and now its this gassy painful feeling that comes and goes i had 3 kids and don't remember this much pain no matter what i eat or drink. it could last from a few seconds to hours. i feel nauseous and now i'm getting heart burn and pains under my chest were the bone is and up my right side. i literally have to get into the fetal position for the pain to ease up a little bit. i can't stand the pain so much that right now death would be a wonderful thing. does anyone have any ideas as to what it can be or how to ease the pain? can't even go to doctors yet no insurance yet.

Posted By : Dandie4263 - 1/14/2012 10:38 AM
Hello everyone. I am a 41 year old and was diagnosed with Diverticulitus years ago. I have suffered on and off for years. Some days are really good and others are not that great. If I may make a suggestion, Find out what foods you have eaten before you get the cramps and gurgiling sounds. Eleminate them from your diet. I would also get the cramps checked out. I had cramps like that. Turned out that my cramps were a result from a abcess that had formed near my bladder. On 10.04.2011 I was rushed into emergency surgery. My intestins had ruptured and the abcess had started pushing on my hip.I now am living with a iliostomy bag and am missing 2 feet of my intestins.Having a iliostomy bag is not an easy thing to deal with, I am fine when i am at home but it is when I must go out that I have a problem with Worry about my bag not working right, what will people think if they find out that I have a ostomy bag, etc. I am going back in Feb to see what the doctors want to do next.

Posted By : 10hunter - 4/21/2012 10:15 AM
I have been having some of the symptoms described in this thread. Other than occasional constipation I was fine until I had my first colonoscopy 3 months ago. Now I have stomach ache/nausea all day as soon as I eat or drink ANYTHING in the morning. It lasts all day until the evening meal, then it's not bad and perfect by morning. I have dreaded eating or drinking the first mouthful of the day for so long that I have lost weight. The other thing is either constipation or D all of the time.
I swear the colonoscopy caused the whole thing. Doc said to take citricel that it would sooth the muscles of stomach and intestines. Not happening. Anybody else had similar symptoms after colonoscopy?

Posted By : ycbeat0 - 6/25/2012 2:18 PM

Hello All...

I too have suffered from loud stomach noises. It sounded as if I was passing gas but it wasn't expelled. There were miniature explosions in my stomach. A co-worker mentioned to me that she also had suffered from loud stomach noises and was all but cured by a (Probiotic) she picked up at Walgreens.

Well, let me tell you. It worked! It is not a laxative and it doesn't work right away. As a matter of fact I didn't notice a change until a week later. It does increase stool size and may even cause weight loss, which was a good thing for me.

So, Healing Well Community, give it a try and let me know what you think?


Posted By : somebodyHelpMe - 7/3/2012 4:38 PM
Hi, im 18 years old and i have been going through this since i was about 13 or 14 years old. i am still going through it until this day. when it first started i was like in the 8th grade and the doctor just kept telling me that i had a stomach virus. But, i knew that it was not a stomach virus. when i got to high school i would sit in class and this noise that seemed to sound like my stomach was growling like i was hungry but actually my stomach was gurglinging really loud. the noise would also have a painful stomach cramp with it that would last for a long time and i would have to grip my stomach. the pain was unbearable. my life has been changed by this. i started seeing a GI doctor who has prescribed me different medicines, and ive had to go through endoscopy and a colonoscopy to see what was wrong. the doctor thought i had IBS, and has been treating it, but at first i started to show some improvement but now its coming back and kind of getting even more worse than before. its keeping me from eating and sleeping sometimes

if anyone else is going through this or previously has dealt with this please contact me, i really need help cause ill be starting college in the fall and i really dont want to be going through this while im away. but its just great to know im not the only one going through this, . THANKS IN ADVANCE.

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