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Posted By : fishcat - 6/20/2006 3:38 PM
I am pretty sure this is not irritable bowel syndrome but I am 28 years old and ever since I can remember after a bowel movement, I have to wipe endlessly. Throughout most of the day I am back in the bathroom wiping, eventually bleeding. Now some days are a little better than others and I've tryed a few different cleanes with not alot of success. The first cleanse did work but the problem soon returned. I need more of a solid stool, it always comes out kind of greasy. I have also tryed numerous fibre supplements that do not help. I eat generally healthy and drink lots of water. I have asked several doctors for advice and had a stool sample that came back fine. I am so frustrated and could really use any advice.

Posted By : carell - 6/20/2006 7:22 PM
Hi Fishcat- welcome.  Sorry to hear that you are having these issues.  People here experience all kinds of situations and they are very kind about sharing thier stories and advice, etc. So you've come to the right place.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure I can offer any sound advice.  Are you wiping because there is so much stool?  Sometimes, I wet some toilet paper to help (I know- this seems elementary).  would vaseline help?  even with just the irritation that you experience?  Aloe juice might be good too.  But, I would definitely talk to your MD before trying anything.  A woman I work with uses vaseline to help her irritation.  This is an interesting question.    I hope you get some answers.  good luck.  I wish I could be more helpful.

Posted By : Keriamon - 6/21/2006 8:24 AM
Carell asks a good question: are you just wiping because you contantly don't feel clean or are you using that as a euphamistic term for having diarrhea (euphamisms are not necessary here!)? I sometimes feel wet/not clean, even though the toliet paper comes back clean. The best I can figure is either I'm getting a false sensation from my nerve endings (and you have a lot down there), or I do have something wetter than usual in the anal region, it's just inside even though it feels like it's on the outside. If you constantly feel wet down there, it may be due to hyperactive nerve endings or not getting everything flushed out of the last bit of your intestinal tract. Whatever you do, you should not wipe until you make yourself raw. If the toliet paper is clean, then quit wiping, no matter what it still feels like. In addition to trying wet paper, wet washcloths or baby wipes you can also try the tissues with lotion in them to help soothe any skin irritation you may have on your bottom. It doesn't take much wiping to make your bottom raw.

If your stools are too loose and/or too frequent, try calcium (Caltrate 600 w/ vitamin D). That has helped a lot of people firm up and lessen their stools. Start with one a day and see if that helps any.

Oh, and you don't ever eat any sugar-free or reduced sugar products, do you? Sugar alcohols (xylitol, mannitol, sorbitiol) can give you soft, greasy stools (even just sugar-free gum or mints!), as can WOW! potato chips (olestra) and OTC diet drugs. If you are on any supplements or vitamins, you should drop them as well unless specifically prescribed by a doctor. Aloe vera is a laxative and magnesium is to some degree as well. I have gotten diarrhea from taking vitamin C supplements. So you never can tell what your body may not tolerate very well.

Posted By : fishcat - 6/21/2006 10:25 AM
Wow thank you guys for the fast responses it means alot. I am constantly wiping because it is not clean and I have tryed Calcium/Magnesium with Vitamin D with no luck to harden up my stool. I tryed it fot 2 weeks maybe it wasn't long enough....
I also do not eat sugar-free products, I don't know, it has to be something in or lacking in my diet. The never ending battle continues....... Oh ya I have heard of this happening to a few others as well so I know I am not the only one with this problem.

Posted By : 7Lil - 6/21/2006 10:59 AM
Hi fishcat,
Welcome to HealingWell!! :-)
I use baby wipes. You can also try the hemorrhoid wipes, those will soothe any inflamation, rawness or burning you might have.
Initially I thought you were a greasy junk food eater, because that's what causes the unending wipes, but you're not. I am stumped. What do the doctors say about this?

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Posted By : wolcott - 7/4/2006 9:30 AM
I found that certain bulkifiers (is that a word) cause leakage for me. One in particular is Benefiber which starts coming out two or three days after my first use.
I have now switched to Citrucel as it is not that bad an issue, but earlier today found out that Citrucel has been recalled! I have been reduced to wearing Depends
when the leakage is bad as I continue an active life leakage or not. This is NOT fun!

Posted By : 7Lil - 7/4/2006 6:56 PM
Hi wolcott,
Instead of Benefiber and Citrucel, my doc suggested Psyllium. She said it was much easier on the gut (gas wise - hopefully leakage wise as well). It may be worth a shot trying. My GI said you can find it at most health food stores.

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Posted By : dbab - 7/4/2006 9:33 PM
I use a cotenelle (sp?) wipe everytime I have a BM and it helps alot. These are very gentle and flushable so you shouldn't have a problem like ordinary baby wipes. As far as the fiber, I also take Psyllium and it does take time to work up in your system so make sure that you start slow but that should make a difference in the long run. Citrucel is actually a chemically processed fiber where Metamucil is made from natural psyllium. This is because some people can't handle one but can handle the other or vice versa.

Hugs, Des
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Posted By : jdr - 7/5/2006 12:01 AM


  Fishcatyou need to keep a journal of for one month on all foods you eat.  Log which foods daily and log the better dayas on the john.

I myself found that a mixture of almomds and cashews light roasted with less salt has acheived the desired results.  I thinking that it may be some knd of annomaly, I stopped for 3 weeks and the problem returned.  I started again on the nuts and everything was better.

I eat about a half of cup of nuts about an hour before bed.  Maybe it will help or maybe you can string together your own concoction for some relief.

Good luck though and sorry to hear about your troubles.




Posted By : Keriamon - 7/5/2006 9:57 AM
Dehydrated bananas (aka banana chips). Those will constipate me up in a heartbeat when I'm normal. I've been known to eat a handful of them when I'm being a bit runny (even while on regular medicine), and they've regulated me. I figure they work by getting in the gut and rehydrating themselves--by absorbing the excess water in there. Other dehydrated fruits don't seem to work as well, possbily because they don't have as much water content to start with.

Posted By : haljas - 7/9/2006 8:19 PM
Hi there fishcat,
I am new here I was originally diagnosed with CD, but I suffer from reaally bad diarrhea and I also have a prolapse so I feel like I am never done so to speak,and I have tried all the fiber bulking stuff and they don't work, so GI finally put me on "Cholestrymine" (sp) and I am supposed to take one pouch ( I mix it with orange juice cause it is orange flavored powder) every day,but it was starting to bind me up, so I drink one every other day and (knock on wood) seems to be working better then any other thing I have tried...Ask your doctor aout it...

Posted By : TopKickRenegade - 2/24/2014 11:01 PM
Hello I am new hear as well. I am 19 years old and I have pretty much the exact same symptoms as fishcat. I spend a LOT of time wiping/cleaning after a bowel movement. The movement is solidified but does feel greasy and very smooth when passing it. It appears to be cracky, long and formed for the most part. I have had the issue of loose/soft stool for nearly a year now and have seen my Doctor mercilessly over it and have had an endoscopy done to rule out disease/parasite possibilities and nothing was wrong, I also had samples taken and they found nothing wrong. I started to wonder if I am lactose intolerant. I cut out dairy from my diet as well as started drinking the sugar free meta mucil powder with water, drinking plain water, eating fiber rich foods (cereals, granola bars, apples, fruit and vegies) and am still suffering from having to wipe constantly after a BM. I also experience blood on the paper on several occasions due to hemorrhoids. I just want the wiping issue to be solved, it really controls a guys day when he needs to spend over half an hour in the washroom. Does anyone have any theories for my situation, I'd appreciate any insight. Thanks everyone.

Posted By : MontyF - 2/26/2014 10:29 PM
For anyone with this issue, I'd suggest cutting way down on your diet for a few days to see if it helps. You can cut back to the BRAT diet, which is pretty much the most nutritionally balanced diet with the most easily digestible foods. Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. If you can make it through a few days of that, and if you notice a difference, you know it can be helped with a diet change. Sometimes I throw in some really basic chicken breast, to get a little more bulk.
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Posted By : Marsky - 2/27/2014 7:40 AM
I realize this a very old topic but I have experienced very similar symptoms and I highly recommend the BRAT diet or Low Residue Diet. Keeping a food diary, any 1 subject notebook will suffice, designate each for one day, write down every single thing you ingest, whether it's a vitamin, or candy, or breath mints, or a beverage. All of these items will hopefully will begin to show an irritant to your GI track and in that case, avoid that beverage or food for a while.

One food item on the Low Residue Diet that nearly solidified my output was instant mashed potatoes. Don't know why but if I had a serving a day, my irritated and touchy gut (from having had a resection and my gall bladder removed on top of that) appreciated a simple and probably unhealthy (in the long run) processed food item. It was simply what my gut needed - at the time.

For the past 6 months I've had a new job and now work long, long days. Someone on these forums suggested Sudafed D, 12 hour/pseudoephedrine HCI, to control D and IBS. If I take one(prefer generic Kroger Brand) upon waking each day, I swear my output is solid and the # of times is greatly reduced. Try it, can't hurt. This is the medication that is kept behind the pharmacy counter, you need to be 18 to purchase it and have a valid driver's license. I even take it on my days off from work since it's really helped me feel almost normal.

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Posted By : Normal - 2/27/2014 3:31 PM
First thing is document all, then find a good Dr. that actually cares and suggest reasons. Meanwhile wear a pad if you are having leakage all day or small accidents. I use cottonelle wipes. I have 4 to 20 BMS a day. Have had IBS-D for 32 years. I carry my wipes in my purse. Have to use them or cannot get clean and that is miserable and makes you sore. It is soooo hard and expensive to find a good Dr. but that is the key. To be honest for years I got most of my good advice on here. Nothing helped my frequent, loose stools but this forum sure did help me figure out what to do and gave me the courage to do it. Just knowing you are not alone. Maybe ask around about Drs. before you go to one. I just got SSD for my IBS-D so I am feeling so lucky not to have to ever have another accident at work again.
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Posted By : jimmy69 - 5/1/2014 5:08 AM
I used to have a sweaty anus all the time and poop 4 to 5 times a day but when I stopped eating foods with wheat (bread, pizza, hamburgers, oats, beer, etc, etc) which contain gluten helped me alot now I feel so much better and poop 1 or 2 times a day. I believe gluten is what causes ibs so give it a try start eating gluten free foods

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