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Posted By : cilly - 1/13/2017 1:11 AM
Emotional upset gives me flares,burning pain on ears and face.

eyes confused

What can i do...don't have planequinil..../

Posted By : Lynnwood - 1/13/2017 7:48 AM
That's one of the hardest stresses to avoid, but avoid it you must. Stay detached, don't let things get to you. Remember it's all just "little stuff".

I also find that if I am keeping my sleep, food, and exercise level and healthy, I am more able to shake off emotional upsets.

Hang in there!
Lynnwood, Lupus & Sjogren's Moderator, Dx: 2000
"Life is far too important to be taken seriously." - Oscar Wilde

Posted By : cilly - 1/27/2017 1:44 AM
I AMA having another flare up because of being in sun for few minutes.

My face has a rash and also my earlobes.

God ,its painful...

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