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Posted By : Lyramoon - 1/28/2017 8:08 AM
For Lupus sores in the mouth ,I brush my teeth with baking soda and that works really good , Now what to take for sore's on the body ....any ideas would be wonderful ty

Posted By : Butterflake - 1/30/2017 11:38 PM
Welcome to our forum Lyramoon. Let me say first that if the sores in your mouth get worse there's a great prescription liquid commonly called Magic Mouthwash. If your doc isn't familiar with it he/she can look it up under this common name. It numbs the mouth making eating, etc easier.

As for body sores there are a few associated with Lupus. What are the characteristics of your sores? What color are they? Do they change color? Are they painful? Are they blisters or watery? Are they hard? How big are they? You get the idea. You might need to see your rheumatologist or primary care, but with a good description someone might be able to at least give you reassurance until you see your doc. Love, Butterflake
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