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Posted By : bamablondie - 5/12/2017 2:30 PM
I'm not sure if this is UCTD related, I'm having borderline blackout spells. My body gets very heavy, shaky, I experience tunnel vision and ringing in my ears, and I have to sit down/ lay down wherever I am. Anyone around me says they ask how I am / if I'm okay - and I'm unable to respond and that my body is limp. My heart rate and blood pressure get extremely high during these episodes. But it is not my blood sugar - its checked almost every time. After about 5 minutes - I come out of it, sit up, and I recover, like nothing happened... anyone else experience this or know what this could be?

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Posted By : kayva61014 - 5/12/2017 9:20 PM
I've never actually blacked out but I do get dizziness spells almost daily. I went through excessive dizziness testing (inner ears and everything) they couldn't find anything.

I've always just considered it part of the deal. Who knows!!!
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