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Posted By : Heartless Beauty - 5/15/2017 2:31 PM
Hello my name is angelica but I prefer to be called Angel I am 29 years old and this is the 2nd time a doctor has believed I have lupus I currently have epilepsy super ventricular tachycardia asthma severe allergies manic depression anxiety borderline personality disorder bipolar and PTSD on Thursday I got the blood work done while doing the test my blood actually stopped coming out they took about 12 tubes of blood out of me I am always tired I have rashes that have been starting to appear on my neck and on my nose and cheeks my hair won't stop falling out I've grown really weak most of the time I just want to sleep I have random bruising all over my body and if I walk on my feet too much my feet become bruised I did the checklist on a website that I found for lupus and almost every single one of the symptoms I have I have had 4 heart operations and I have had epilepsy since birth I got diagnosed at three months heart issues started when I was 17 and the mental disorders started when I was 10 and Asthma was just last year I'm sorry if this is too much for one post but I am very scared I can't stop crying I really am tired of fighting my own body and even debating about not seeking treatment if it comes back positive can anybody relate to what I am going through

Posted By : kayva61014 - 5/17/2017 9:09 PM
I can understand the not feeling well and feeling like your body is "failing" you. I personally felt that way in the beginning and hard days right now.

But Lupus takes a while to diagnose. You need to see a Rheumatologist and he will make the medical diagnosises for you.

As the "not seeking treatment" aspect I think that's a little silly. 80-90% of Lupus patients live a normal life span with treatment. A lot of Lupus patients go into remission. I'm personally still in the barely diagnosed trying to figure out meds phase. It's really hard in the beginning but you just have to listen to your doctors.

You should tell your GP about your thoughts.

I'm sorry you're feeling so badly and I hope you find answers. I have no idea if you have Lupus your experience is way different than mine but whatever your answer is I hope it's found. Good luck!
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