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Posted By : Upstater - 5/23/2017 1:49 PM
Anyone else have this? Like the area just at the base of your nail?

I know it can be seen any any of the connective tissue diseases. This was actually the first clue I had that something was really going dermatologist looked at those....ordered an ANA....and off things went.

I have weird rheumatologist looked at them again today. She said it doesn't look like a scleroderma pattern (which is her major area of expertise, but she specializes in all connective tissue diseases)....maybe more like a dermatomyositis pattern....except I don't really have any other major features of dermato.....and all those ENA's were negative. But she said with my diagnosis of discoid lupus it could be related to lupus. But at the end of the day, I am still undifferentiated systemically.

They are very red and swollen.....not just little capillaries....and tender. It's clearly a vascular thing....but I was kind of hoping the Plaquenil would knock that out. Maybe it needs more time (been 3 months).

Looks like this....

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