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Posted By : Butterflake - 7/8/2017 1:13 AM
Hi Everyone. I've had terrible knee pain that has become increasingly worse over the past year. I have a knee brace that my orthopedic doc ordered for me, but it's so big and cumbersome that I don't wear it around the house unless I'm going to be standing for long periods. I've been having a flare for several weeks, not wearing my brace, and I pulled back muscles from compensating for my knee.

My rheumy referred me to this orthopedic doc several months ago based on my knee pain and x-rays my rheumy ordered. My daughter took me to see my orthopedic doc today. He took new x-rays. I "officially" have no cartilage in my right knee. My knee is hurting so badly because when standing or walking bone is literally rubbing against bone. Excruciating pain. So in a few weeks I'm having a total knee replacement. I've decided to call my orthopedic doc "Ortho Man!" because if someone is going to saw off two leg bones and replace them with metal parts had better be a super hero. Love, Butterflake
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Posted By : PattyLatty - 7/8/2017 2:13 AM
Butterflake, hi old friend. So sorry about your knee pain. Hopefully the knee replacement will turn you into a new woman. My friends who have had it are so happy to be pain free. Thankfully I'm still at the steroid shot stage and I hope they doesn't deteriorate any more. Positive thinking, huh.
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Posted By : Melissa D. - 7/8/2017 7:44 AM
Hi Butterflake, Sorry to hear you have to have a knee replacement, but hope all goes well and you will be up and feeling better quickly! My husband had both knees replaced, a year apart. He did wonderful with each, he was up and walking without a walker within a week each time. My sister had hers a year ago and had no problems as well. I know neither of them has lupus, both do have RA and were bone on bone. Wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. Keep us posted.
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Posted By : Lynnwood - 7/8/2017 8:57 AM
Oh, my! So sorry to hear about the knee issues. Sure hope "Ortho Man" can do the trick and get you moving again! The thing I most often hear from friends who have had knee or hip replacements -- "Wish I'd done it sooner!!" I've never heard anyone regret doing it, so there is a darn good chance you'll feel better and be more mobile soon!

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